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Physics Quiz for SSC and Railways Exams – (Set-5)

Published on Saturday, March 26, 2016
Dear Readers, 
Today we are presenting you a 10 question set on Physics which is very important for your upcoming SSC CGL 2016 and RRB NTPC 2016. Try to solve it.

Physics Quiz for SSC and Railways Exams

1. The minimum velocity required by a satellite to escape earth's gravitational pull is
a) 18 km/s
b) 11.2 km/s
c) 21 km/s
d) 35 km/s

2. The period of a geostationary(synchronous) satellite orbiting the earth over the equator is
a) 16 hours
b) 12 hours
c) 20 hours
d) 24 hours

3. The escape velocity of a satellite projected from the surface of the earth is independent of
a) the mass of earth
b) the mass of the satellite
c) the radius of the earth
d) gravitation of the earth

4. In compact porous soil, the water rises and evaporates. The rising of the water is due to
a) capillarity
b) cohesion
c) adhesion
d) viscosity

5. A temperature below absolute zero for an ideal gas
a) cannot be attained experimentally
b) can be attained
c) is impossible
d) does not exist at all

6. Mercury is used in thermometers because
a) it has high thermal conductivity
b) it has uniform expansivity
c) it has high boiling point and low freezing point
d) all the above

7. Heat is transmitted from one end of a metal rod to its other end by the method of
a) conduction
b) convection
c) radiation
d) sublimation

8. The mode of travel of heat energy from the sun across the empty space beyond the earth's atmosphere is known as
a) conduction
b) convection
c) radiation
d) absorption

9. The evaporation rate depends on
a) the nature of the liquid
b) area of the exposed surface of the liquid
c) temperature of air and of the liquid
d) all the above

10. In a refrigerator, the refrigerant is
a) Nitrogen
b) Oxygen
c) Chlorine
d) Freon


1. b) 11.2 km/s
2. d) 24 hours
3. b) the mass of the satellite
4. a) capillarity
5. c) is impossible
6. d) all the above
7. a) conduction
8. c) radiation
9. d) all the above
10. d) Freon 


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