Profit and Loss - 10 Repeated Questions in the Exams

Profit and loss is an important chapter for competitive examinations. From past few years I am analyzing question papers of banking examinations. Today I am sharing 10 questions that are repeated in the exams.
Profit and Loss

Ques 1.

I sold two hens for Rs. 105 each . On one I lost 25% . On the other I gained 50% . What is the gain or loss on my total outlay ?
Ans 1.

Ques 2.

Sudhira sold a watch at a profit of 20%. Had she bought it at 10%less and sold it at Rs 30 less, she would still have gained 20% .Find the cost price of the watch.
Ans 2. Let the C.P.  of the watch be Rs x.
Gain % in both the cases is the same .

Hence, C.P.  of the watch = Rs.250.

Ques 3.

I bought eggs at the rate of 5 for Rs 7 and sold them at the rate of 7 for Rs. 10 and made Rs.2450 in the bargain. How many eggs did I deal in ?
Ans 3. Suppose I bought 35 eggs.
C.P. of 35 eggs = Rs. 49, S.P. of 35 eggs = Rs 50 
Profit on 35 eggs = Re 1

∴ required number of eggs = 2450/1 x 35 = 85750.

Ques 4.

A shop's prices are 25% above cost price, but it allows its customers 12% commission on the amounts of their bills. What is the profit per cent made ?
Ans 4. 

Ques 5.

Suruchi sold two pens at Rs.20 each . Find her common loss or gain % if on pen she gains 10% and on the other suffers a loss of 10%.
Ans 5. 

Ques 6.

A dishonest retailer professes to lose 4% on tea but uses a false weight equal to 9000 g instead of 1Kg. Find his loss or gain %.
Ans 6. 

Ques 7.

A man buys oranges at a certain price per dozen and sells them at eight times that price per hundred . What is his gain or loss % ?
Ans 7. Let C.P. of 12 oranges = Re 1
S.P. of 100 oranges = Rs 8

Ques 8.

I sold a book at a profit of 12%. Had I sold it for 18 more, 18% would have been gained . find the cost price.
Ans 8. 

Ques 9.

The cost price of 24 articles is equal to the selling price of 18 articles . Find the gain per cent .
Ans 9.

Ques 10.

How much per cent above the cost price must a trader mark his goods so as to earn a profit of 36% after allowing a discount of 15 % on the marked price ?
Ans 10. Let  the required percentage be  x %.

Hence, the trader must mark his goods 60 % above  the cost price .

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