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Profit and Loss 20 Repeated Questions

Published on Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Profit and Loss 20 Repeated Questions

Profit and loss is an important chapter for competitive examinations. From past few years I am analyzing question papers of banking examinations. Today I am sharing 20 questions that are repeated in the exams.

Ques 1.

I sold two hens for Rs. 105 each . On one I lost 25% . On the other I gained 50% . What is the gain or loss on my total outlay ?
Ans 1.

Ques 2.

Sudhira sold a watch at a profit of 20%. Had she bought it at 10%less and sold it at Rs 30 less, she would still have gained 20% .Find the cost price of the watch.
Ans 2. Let the C.P.  of the watch be Rs x.
Gain % in both the cases is the same .

Hence, C.P.  of the watch = Rs.250.

Ques 3.

I bought eggs at the rate of 5 for Rs 7 and sold them at the rate of 7 for Rs. 10 and made Rs.2450 in the bargain. How many eggs did I deal in ?
Ans 3. Suppose I bought 35 eggs.
C.P. of 35 eggs = Rs. 49, S.P. of 35 eggs = Rs 50 
Profit on 35 eggs = Re 1

∴ required number of eggs = 2450/1 x 35 = 85750.

Ques 4.

A shop's prices are 25% above cost price, but it allows its customers 12% commission on the amounts of their bills. What is the profit per cent made ?
Ans 4. 

Ques 5.

Suruchi sold two pens at Rs.20 each . Find her common loss or gain % if on pen she gains 10% and on the other suffers a loss of 10%.
Ans 5. 

Ques 6.

A dishonest retailer professes to lose 4% on tea but uses a false weight equal to 9000 g instead of 1Kg. Find his loss or gain %.
Ans 6. 

Ques 7.

A man buys oranges at a certain price per dozen and sells them at eight times that price per hundred . What is his gain or loss % ?
Ans 7. Let C.P. of 12 oranges = Re 1
S.P. of 100 oranges = Rs 8

Ques 8.

I sold a book at a profit of 12%. Had I sold it for 18 more, 18% would have been gained . find the cost price.
Ans 8. 

Ques 9.

The cost price of 24 articles is equal to the selling price of 18 articles . Find the gain per cent .
Ans 9.

Ques 10.

How much per cent above the cost price must a trader mark his goods so as to earn a profit of 36% after allowing a discount of 15 % on the marked price ?
Ans 10. Let  the required percentage be  x %.

Hence, the trader must mark his goods 60 % above  the cost price .

Ques 11.

A shopkeeper sells an item at a profit of 20%. Find the ratio of CP and SP.

Ques 12.

A shopkeeper sells an item a profit of . If the cost price of the item was Rs.696, find the selling price of the item.
Ans 12.

Ques 13.

The selling price of a horse is Rs.3618. It was sold at a loss of  Find the cost price of the horse.
Ans 13.

Ques 14.

The sum of selling price and cost price of a bicycle is Rs.9300. If the bicycle is sold at a loss of , find the selling price of the bicycle.
Ans 14.

Ques 15.

A shopkeeper sold an item at a profit of  on S.P. Find the actual profit percentage.
Ans 15.

Ques 16.

A shopkeeper sold an item at a loss of   on SP. If the sum of CP and SP of the article is Rs.1768, find the SP of the article.
Ans 16.

Ques 17.

An article was sold at a price of Rs.500 at a profit of 25%. Find the SP of the article, if the profit percentage is doubled.
Ans 17.

Ques 18.

A shopkeeper sold an article at Rs.480 at a loss of . Find the SP of the article with 25% profit.
Ans 18.

Ques 19.

A pen was sold at  loss. If the same article was sold at  profit then it would have fetched Rs.100 more. Find the cost price of the article.
Ans 19.

Ques 20.

The difference between the selling price of an article when it is sold at a profit of  and a loss of  is Rs. 2700. Find the cost price of the article.
Ans 20.

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