Sentence Corrections : English Mania Series - Part 2

English Mania Series
1. (a) The old man was leading
    (b) a happy and leisurely
    (c) life after his retirement
    (d) from service
    (e) No error

2. (a) Normally I don't wear spectacles
    (b) but today
    (c) I wear one
    (d) because of the sun
    (e) No error

3. (a) A little elder
    (b) to myself me
    (c) both were devoted
    (d) to tennis and football
    (e) No error

4. (a) You can get
    (b) all the informations
    (c) you want
    (d) in this book
    (e) No error

5. (a) The government has shown
    (b) a lukewarm attitude
    (c) to the sufferings of
    (d) the aged
    (e) No error

6. (a) It is the duty of the government
    (b) of taking up measures
    (c) for providing social care welfare
    (d) to the old people
    (e) No error

7. (a) The boy sitting
    (b) at the corner of the classroom
    (c) is constantly
    (d) watching at the window
    (e) No error

8. (a) Our laxity
    (b) in duty increases
    (c) with our dislike
    (d) for work
    (e) No error

9. (a) How to solve the financial crisis
    (b) is the main concern
    (c) of the government
    (d) at the moment
    (e) No error

10. (a) Each cigaretee
      (b) which
      (c) a person smokes
      (d) does some harm to him
      (e) No error

11. (a) The mother as well as
     (b) the daughters were
     (c) mysteriously missing
     (d) from the house
     (e) No error

12. (a) The Director has asked that
      (b) each clerk and supervisor
      (c) sign their name on the attendance register
      (d) before leaving the office
      (e) No error

13. (a) In India
      (b) as early as the nineteenth century
      (c) young boys enjoyed
      (d) to play cricket
      (e) No error

14. (a) Her ability to
      (b) interact and communicate with strangers
      (c) is one of her
      (d) stronger points
      (e) No error

15. (a) If he will follow
      (b) his teacher's instructions
      (c) he will secure good marks
      (d) in his examination
      (e) No error


1. The old man was leading
2. I wear one
3. to myself me
4. in this book
5. No error
6. of taking up measures
7. watching at the window
8. for work
9. No error
10. which
11. the daughters were
12. sign their name on the attendance register
13. to play cricket
14. stronger points
15. If he will follow


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