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Sources of Indian Constitution - Complete List

Published on Friday, March 11, 2016
Many features of Indian Constitution are borrowed from various sources around the world. Today I am sharing the list of provisions borrowed from constitutions all around the world.

Country Provisions Borrowed
Government of India Act, 1935
  • Federal scheme
  • Power to declare of emergency
  • Defining the power of the president and Government
  • Defining the powers of the Governor
  • Defining the powers of  federal judiciary
  • Defining the power of centre and state level administration
United Kingdom
  • Parliamentary working
  • Prime minister (Elections)
  • Council of minister (Elections and working)
  • Citizenship
  • Defining the powers CAG
  • Writ jurisdiction of courts
  • Written constitution
  • Fundamental rights
  • Supreme Court
  • Vice president as chairman of Rajya sabha
  • Judicial review, Independence of judiciary
  • Centre state relationship
  • Concurrent list
  • Cooperative federalism
  • Joint sitting of two houses of parliament
  • Fundamental duties (11 duties)
Weimer Constitution of Germany
  • Suspension of Fundamental rights during emergency
  • Ballot system
  • Federal system
  • Appointment of Governor
  • Advisory jurisdiction of S.C
South Africa
  • Procedure of constitutional amendment
  • Electing member of Rajya Sabha
  • Concept of directive Principles of State Policy
  • Nomination of members to Rajya sabha by the President
  • Presidential election.

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