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Spot Errors in Sentence - English Grammar Test

Published on Wednesday, March 23, 2016
spot errors
Read each of the following sentences to find out if there is nay error in it. The error if any,will be in one part, (A), (B), (C) or ( D) of the sentence which you have to mark .If there is no error,mark ( E).

  1. If you (A)/ would have requested (B)/ she would have (C)given you the book .(D)/ No error (E)
  2. She has gone (A)/ to the market (B)/ to buy (C)/a scissor.(D)/No error .(E)
  3. The child (A)/ broke his (B)/ spectacle (C)/ while playing (D)/No error .(E)
  4. During the past year (A)/ a series of (B)/ lectures were (c)/ delivered (D)/ No error.(E)
  5. Economics are (A)/ ta difficult subject (B)/ lectures were (C)/ delivered (D)/  No error. (E)
  6. Most of (a)/ the person (b)/ had fled (c)/ to safer areas . (D)/ No error .(E)
  7. Water and wind (a)/ are essential (B)/ for all (C)/living beings .(D)/ No error.(E)
  8. My brother and my self (A)/ went to (B)/ collect (C)/ the money .(D)/No error.(E)
  9. Much of the boys (A)/ had already (B)/ left (C)/ the class (D)/ No error. (E)
  10. Fortunately (A)/ only the little (B)/ money has (C)/ been stolen.(D)/ No error.(E)
  11. Such a man (A)/ is happy (B)/ who has (C)/ a few cares.(D)/No error .(E)
  12. This is (A)/ the sort of music (B)/ which I (C)/seldom or ever here. (D)/ No error. (E)
  13. It is a pleasure (A)/ to hear her song (B)/ because her  voice is (C)/ too good.(D)/ No error. (E)
  14. Amidst all the squalor (A)/ there could still (B)/ be discerned (C)/ some beauty.(D)/No error. (E)
  15. I was expecting (A)/ that the bell (B)/ would ring soon (C)/ and we would be free. (D)/ No error.(E)


1.(B) Write had requested instead of would have requested in part (B). If the principal clause is in the future perfect tens  in the past, the subordinate clause expressing a condition should be in the past perfect tense.

2. (D)Write a pair of scissors in part (D). scissor is always used in the plural form with a pair attached to it.
3.(C) Write spectacles instead of spectacle in part (C). Spectacles is one of those nouns which is always used in the plural even if it conveys the sense of a singular noun.

4. (C) Write lectures was in place of lectures in part (C). The subject is series which  is singular and not lectures which is plural. So, the verb used will also be singular.

5. (A) Write Economics is instead of Economics are in part (A). Through Economics sounds like plural,in  fact, it is  singular .So, a  singular verb with be used with it.

6. (B) Write  the people instead of the persons in part (B). We use persons when we refer to specific people .But while referring to men in genral , people is used.
7. (A) Write water and air  instead of water and wind in part (A). Wind refers to the air which is blowing.But here, we do not mean the air which is blowing but only air.

8.Write my brother and instead of My brother and myself in part (A).Myself is a reflexive pronoun and hence, it is not required here.

9. (A) Write Many instead of Much in part (A).Much is used to donate the quantity of things which cannot be counted, whereas for countable nouns , many is used .Since boys is a countable noun,many should be used.

10. (B) Write only a little  instead of only  the little in part (B). The little would mean whatever little money there was has been stolen .But such a sentence cannot begin with fortunately.

11. (D) Delete a from part (D). A few gives a positive sense and means some, whereas few gives a negative sense and means very little .So, few will be used in this sentence.

12.(D) Write never in place of ever in part (D).Seldom is always followed never and not by ever.

13.(D)  Write very good instead of  too good.

14.(E)  No error.

15.(A) Write hoping instead of expecting in part (A). When something is expected which is welcome to us, we use the word hope.


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