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Vocabulary Bites Part 3 : Easy Way to Learn Words

Published on Friday, March 18, 2016

1. Vulgarity

    Definition: The fact of being rude or not having good taste; a rude object, picture, etc.
    Usage: She was offended by the vulgarity of their jokes.

2. Delusion

    Definition: A false belief or opinion about yourself or your situation.
    Usage: He had delusions that he was going to become a rich man without doing anything.

3. Ridicule

    Definition: Speech or action intended to cause contemptuous laughter at a person or thing
    Usage: He was also being subjected to cat-calls and ridicule.

4. Tight-lipped

    Definition: Inclined to secrecy or reticence
    Usage: She was trustworthy and so tight-lipped; one could trust her with the darkest secrets without a thought.

5. Demise

    Definition: The end or failure of an institution, an idea, a company, etc. |death.
    Usage: His poor language skills lead to his demise.

6. Apathetic

    Definition: Showing no interest or enthusiasm
    Usage: Keb's apathetic mood was out of character for him.

7. Euphony

    Definition: Pleasing or sweet sound
    Usage: The euphony of the wind ruffling the leaves of the trees was calming and reassuring.

8. Turbulent

    Definition: Moving in an irregular or violent way | full of confusion, violence, or disorder : not stable or steady
     Usage: The turbulent rebellions shook the country.

9. Rejuvenate

    Definition: To make someone or something look or feel younger or more lively
    Usage: A long vacation will rejuvenate Joe. 

10. Torment

      Definition: Extreme suffering, especially mental suffering
      Usage: His guilt began to torment him.

11. Fervor

     Definition: Very strong feelings about something
     Usage: When asked to say a few words about his mentor the man spoke with great fervor and respect telling the audience what a great influence he had had on his life. 

12. Avidity

      Definition: Very enthusiastic about something
      Usage: The boss likes his avidity for the project. 

13. Denounce

      Definition: To strongly criticize someone or something that you think is wrong, illegal, etc.
      Usage: The atrocities of the army were denounced by the newspaper. 

14. Abominate

      Definition: To feel hatred or disgust for something or someone
      Usage: The ruler abominated all acts of terror. 

15. Germane

        Definition:Connected with something in an important or appropriate way
        Usage: The suppression of documents which were germane to the case.

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