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Vocabulary Bites (Part - 7) : With Pictorial Explanation

Published on Friday, March 25, 2016

1. Conviction

    Definition: Confirmed belief; being found guilty of charge
    Usage: She is a person of conviction once she accepts something it is very difficult to change her views.

2. Derisive

    Definition: Unkind and showing that you think someone or something is ridiculous.
    Usage: The boy gave a derisive laugh after he purposely pushed the girl into the mud. 

3. Fickle

    Definition: Changing often and suddenly | often changing their mind in an unreasonable way so that you cannot rely on them.
    Usage: He blames the poor sales on fickle customers. 

4. Erratic

    Definition: Not happening at regular times; not following any plan or regular pattern; that you cannot rely on.
    Usage: Mary is a gifted but erratic player.

5. Unravel

    Definition: Separate and clarify the elements of something.
    Usage: Sherlock Holmes was looking closely through the victim's belongings to find any clue that would help him unravel the mystery. 

6. Swathe

    Definition: Wrap in several layers of fabric.
    Usage: The model was swathed in yards of fabric with the designer knowing about arranging it.

7. Deflated

    Definition: 1) to let air or gas out of a tire, balloon, etc.; to become smaller because of air or gas coming out 2) to make someone feel less confident; to make someone or something feel or seem less important 3) to reduce the amount of money being used in a country so that prices fall or stay steady.
   Usage: His car types were deflated soon after he left for work. 

8. Controvert

    Definition: To say or prove that something is not true.
    Usage: The attorney offered evidence that controverted the plaintiff's allegations. 

9. Surly

    Definition: Ill-humored, arrogant, domineering.
    Usage: One hesitated before going to their house as they had to endure the surly behaviour of their host's father who found fault with everything. 

10. Boisterous

      Definition: Noisy and full of life and energy.
      Usage: The children played boisterously at recess. 

11. Conceited

      Definition: Having too much pride in yourself and what you do.
      Usage: It's very conceited of you to assume that your work is always the best. 

12. Foil

      Definition: To stop something from happening, especially something illegal.
      Usage: Customs officials foiled an attempt to smuggle the paintings out of the country. 

13. Unbridled

      Definition: Not controlled and therefore extreme.
      Usage: The crowd was swept with unbridled enthusiasm. 

14. Unscrupulous

      Definition: Without moral principles.
      Usage: The unscrupulous politician bribed a voter.

15. Adroit

     Definition: Skillful and smart, especially in dealing with people.
     Usage: He is an exceptionally adroit pianist.
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