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Vocabulary Bites (Part 8) - Easy Way to Learn New Words

Published on Saturday, March 26, 2016

1. Filch

    Definition: To steal something, especially something small or not very
    Usage: If you don't keep a close eye on that known thief he will filch everything he can from you.

2. Scrupulous

    Definition: Careful about paying attention to every detail | careful to be honest and do what is right.
     Usage: The banker had always been known as a scrupulous and trustworthy businessman. 

3. Sedulous

    Definition: Marked by care and persistent effort;
    Usage: A member of parliament must be sedulous in implementing the measures promised to his constituency. 

4. Despicable

    Definition: Very unpleasant or evil.
    Usage: John's bad behavior was despicable.

5. Deplore

    Definition: To strongly disapprove of something and criticize it, especially publicly.
    Usage: They deplored the heavy loss of life in the earthquake. 

6. Enlightened

    Definition: Having or showing an understanding of people's needs, a situation, etc. that is not based on old-fashioned attitudes and prejudice.
    Usage: He should be remembered as an enlightened and humane reformer. 

7. Atrocity

    Definition: A cruel and violent act, especially in a war.
    Usage: The evil witch performed one atrocity after another. 

8. Catastrophe

    Definition: A sudden event that causes many people to suffer | an event that causes one person or a group of people personal suffering, or that makes difficulties.
    Usage: The plane slowly landed to avoid a catastrophe.

9. Corroborate

    Definition: To provide evidence or information that supports a statement,
    theory, etc.
    Usage: Many students can corroborate the finding that if you have others do your lessons for you. you will learn nothing. 

10. Perspicuous

      Definition: Possessed of clarity of expression.
      Usage: After hearing her perspicuous presentation on the rather abstract theme nobody could say that she was given to speaking little. 

11. Envision

      Definition: See in one's mind.
      Usage: Architecture as a profession demands the skill of envisioning a building in its ambience even before venturing into the sketches. 

12. Prosaic

      Definition: Lacking wit or imagination or excitement.
      Usage: The prosaic play bereft of any excitement or emotion could not hold its bored audience. 

13. Expunge

      Definition: To remove or get rid of something such as a name or memory from a book or list or from your mind.
      Usage: Details of his criminal activities were expunged from the file. 

14. Stratagem

      Definition: A maneuver in a game or conversation.
      Usage: The stratagem worked and the battle was won. 

15. Depravity

      Definition: The state of being morally bad.
      Usage: People were shocked by the depravity of her actions. 

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