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Vocabulary Quick Bites : Learn New Words Quickly

Published on Tuesday, March 15, 2016
Hi readers,
Today I am going to share Vocabulary words in a simple yet interesting way. I will continue this series to cover at least 2000 words.

1. Maverick

Definition: a person who does not conform to generally accepted standards or customs
Usage: Among the ladies she was considered a maverick with her flamboyant lifestyle.

2. Vapid

Definition: Lacking liveliness, animation or interest
Usage:You will find most students dozing in his class as his lectures are so vapid that none of them create an iota of interest.

3. Archaic

Definition: old and not used anymore | very old-fashioned | from a much earlier or ancient period of history
Usage: The professor studied the archaic symbols on the tomb.

4. Clumsy

Definition: moving or doing things in a very awkward way
Usage: The clumsy waitress tripped and dumped an entire tray of empty dishes on the floor.

5. Forlorn

Definition: appearing lonely and unhappy | not cared for and with no people in it | unlikely to succeed, come true, etc.
Usage: After a sleepless night in the forest the children looked bewildered and forlorn. 

6. Substantial

Definition: large in amount, value, or importance | large and solid
Usage: A substantial part of the book covers the period of the Crusades

7. Tranquility

    Definition: peace, quiet
    Usage: This small country hotel nestles in an acre of pure peace and tranquility

8. Concealment

    Definition: the act of hiding something
    Usage: She could barely conceal her anger.

9. Surplus

    Definition: an amount that is extra or more than you need
    Usage: Army surplus items are often sold to the public.

10. Prolix

Definition: Tending to speak or write at excessive length
Usage: The professor's exposition was clear enough for a child to grasp;unfortunately it was so prolix that it appeared to go on endlessly.

11. Sloppy

      Definition: not careful or neat : showing a lack of care, attention, or effort
      Usage: Seetha is a sloppy child who always seems to have spilled something on her clothes

12. Disposition

Definition: The natural qualities of a person's character | the way something is placed or arranged | a tendency to behave in a particular way
Usage: Rachel's cat has a very affectionate disposition.

13. Rostrum

      Definition: a small raised platform that a person stands on to make a speech, conduct music, receive a prize, etc.
     Usage: He stood on the winner's rostrum.

14. Decry

      Definition: to strongly criticize someone or something, especially publicly
      Usage: The activists decried the minister's thoughtless remarks.

15. Encompass

     Definition: To include a large number or range of things | to surround or cover something completely
     Usage: Oceans encompass about three fourths of the surface of our planet.

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