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Word List: Manias (Intense Madness for) - PDF Version

Published on Monday, March 28, 2016
Dear Readers,
Today I am sharing the word list on Manias (Intense Madness for) which is very important for your upcoming competitive exams. Mania is the mood of an abnormally elevated arousal energy level, or "a state of heightened overall activation with enhanced affective expression together with liability of affect. The List is given below:

Word List: Manias (Intense Madness for)

Word Definition
Ablutomania Mania for washing oneself
Aboulomania Pathological indecisiveness
Agromania Intense desire to be in open spaces
Andromania Nymphomania
Anglomania Craze or obsession with england and the english
Anthomania Obsession with flowers
Aphrodisiomania Abnormal sexual interest
Arithmomania Obsessive preoccupation with numbers
Balletomania Abnormal fondness for ballet
Bibliomania Craze for books or reading
Bruxomania Compulsion for grinding teeth
Cacodemomania Pathological belief that one is inhabited by an evil spirit
Catapedamania Obsession with jumping from high places
Chinamania Obsession with collecting china
Choreomania Dancing mania or frenzy
Clinomania Excessive desire to stay in bed
Copromania Obsession with feces
Cytheromania Nymphomania
Dacnomania Obsession with killing
Demonomania Pathological belief that one is possessed by demons
Dinomania Mania for dancing
Dipsomania Abnormal craving for alcohol
Discomania Obsession for disco music
Doramania Obsession with owning furs
Doromania Obsession with giving gifts
Drapetomania Intense desire to run away from home
Dromomania Compulsive longing for travel
Ecdemomania Abnormal compulsion for wandering
Egomania Irrational self-centered attitude or self-worship
Eleutheromania Manic desire for freedom
Empleomania Mania for holding public office
Enosimania Pathological belief that one has sinned
Entheomania Abnormal belief that one is divinely inspired
Epomania Craze for writing epics
Ergasiomania Excessive desire to work; ergomania
Ergomania Excessive desire to work; workaholism
Erotomania Abnormally powerful sex drive
Etheromania Craving for ether
Ethnomania Obsessive devotion to one's own people
Eulogomania Obsessive craze for eulogies
Flagellomania Abnormal enthusiasm for flogging
Florimania Craze for flowers
Francomania Craze or obsession with france and the french
Gallomania Craze or obsession with france and the french
Gamomania Obsession with issuing odd marriage proposals
Graecomania Obsession with greece and the greeks
Graphomania Obsession with writing
Gynaecomania Abnormal sexual obsession with women
Habromania Insanity featuring cheerful delusions
Hagiomania Mania for sainthood
Hellenomania Obsession with greece and the greeks; graecomania
Hexametromania Mania for writing in hexameter
Hieromania Pathological religious visions or delusions
Hippomania Obsession with horses
Hydromania Irrational craving for water
Hylomania Excessive tendency towards materialism
Hypermania Severe mania
Hypomania Minor mania
Hysteromania Nymphomania
Iconomania Obsession with icons or portraits
Idolomania Obsession or devotion to idols
Infomania Excessive devotion to accumulating facts
Islomania Craze or obsession for islands
Italomania Obsession with italy or italians
Kleptomania Irrational predilection for stealing
Klopemania Kleptomania
Logomania Pathological loquacity
Lypemania Extreme pathological mournfulness
Macromania Delusion that objects are larger than natural size
Megalomania Abnormal tendency towards grand or grandiose behaviour
Melomania Craze for music
Methomania Morbid craving for alcohol
Metromania Insatiable desire for writing verse
Micromania Pathological self-deprecation or belief that one is very small
Monomania Abnormal obsession with a single thought or idea
Morphinomania Habitual craving or desire for morphine
Musomania Obsession with music
Mythomania Lying or exaggerating to an abnormal extent
Narcomania Uncontrollable craving for narcotics
Necromania Sexual obsession with dead bodies; necrophilia
Nosomania Delusion of suffering from a disease
Nostomania Abnormal desire to go back to familiar places
Nymphomania Excessive or crazed sexual desire
Oenomania Obsession or craze for wine
Oligomania Obsession with a few thoughts or ideas
Oniomania Mania for making purchases
Onomamania Mania for names
Onomatomania Irresistible desire to repeat certain words
Onychotillomania Compulsive picking at the fingernails
Opiomania Craving for opium
Opsomania Abnormal love for one kind of food
Orchidomania Abnormal obsession with orchids
Parousiamania Obsession with the second coming of christ
Pathomania Moral insanity
Peotillomania Abnormal compulsion for pulling on the penis
Phagomania Excessive desire for food or eating
Phaneromania Habit of biting one’s nails
Pharmacomania Abnormal obsession with trying drugs
Phonomania Pathological tendency to murder
Photomania Pathological desire for light
Phyllomania Excessive or abnormal production of leaves
Phytomania Obsession with collecting plants
Planomania Abnormal desire to wander and disobey social norms
Plutomania Mania for money
Polemomania Mania for war
Politicomania Mania for politics
Polkamania Craze for polka dancing
Polymania Mania affecting several different mental faculties
Poriomania Abnormal compulsion to wander
Pornomania Obsession with pornography
Potichomania Craze for imitating oriental porcelain
Potomania Abnormal desire to drink alcohol
Pseudomania Irrational predilection for lying
Pteridomania Passion for ferns
Pyromania Craze for starting fires
Rhinotillexomania Compulsive nose picking
Rinkomania Obsession with skating
Satyromania Abnormally great male sexual desire; satyriasis
Scribbleomania Obsession with scribbling
Sebastomania Religious insanity
Sitiomania Morbid aversion to food
Sophomania Delusion that one is incredibly intelligent
Squandermania Irrational propensity for spending money wastefully
Stampomania Obsession with stamp-collecting
Syphilomania Pathological belief that one is afflicted with syphilis
Technomania Craze for technology
Teutomania Obsession with teutonic or german things
Thanatomania Belief that one has been affected by death magic, and resulting illness
Theatromania Craze for going to plays
Theomania Belief that one is a god
Timbromania Craze for stamp collecting
Tomomania Irrational predilection for performing surgery
Toxicomania Morbid craving for poisons
Trichotillomania Neurosis where patient pulls out own hair
Tulipomania Obsession with tulips
Typhomania Delirious state resulting from typhus fever
Typomania Craze for printing one’s lucubrations
Uranomania Obsession with the idea of divinity
Verbomania Craze for words
Xenomania Inordinate attachment to foreign things
Zoomania Insane fondness for animals

Word List: Manias (Intense Madness for) - PDF Version

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