10 Idioms and Phrases from Previous Papers

 Idioms and Phrases

Directions :

Each of the following idioms has four responses (a), (b) , (c) and (d). Mark the response which gives the correct meaning of the idiom.

1. From head to foot
(a) considering all the details
(b) tarnished image
(c) all over the body
(d) to cover  completely

2. After someone's own heart
(a) to one's desire
(b) strong feeling
(c) to undergo heart operation
(d) enmity

3. At a loose end
(a) to wear  loose garments
(b) having weak character
(c) without employment
(d) to get rid of

4. To grapple with
(a) to fight
(b) to struggle hard for survival
(c) about to die
(d)  to tackle

5.To took big
(a)  to impress one's prosperity
(b) to be like a giant
(c) to have great height
(d) to place legal restriction upon

6. To hold in contempt
(a) to hold firmly
(b) to show anger
(c) to hate
(d) to go together

7.To come to light
(a) to illuminate
(b)marriage ceremony
(c) to reveal
(d) to show the hidden strength

8. Lapped in luxury
(a) to live in luxury
(b) having too much wealth
(c) Unclaimed property
(d) brought up in luxury

9. To eat one's salt
(a) to cook tasty dishes
(b) a contagious disease
(c) shortage of salt in human body
(d) to be one's guest

10. Come to a head
(a) to reach climax
(b) to hit  on the head
(c) sudden attack
(d) ti understand the hidden meaning


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