Cloze Test : Expected Set for SBI Clerk Prelims Exam

Direction (Ques 1-10) :

In The following passage . there are blanks, each of while has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, four words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately in the context of the whole passage.
Find out the appropriate word :- 
As a result of our countless failures and disappointments. Especially (1) The national front, public enthusiasm for celebrating . Independence day has been (2) with every passing year. The union and the state governments dominated by the congress (I) (3) arrange official functions at which high sounding claims are made . Our “achievements” are boastfully enumerated and tributes are (4) to Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Nehru. But the man in the street does not have his heart in such ritualistic (5) he is frustrated and knows the harsh realities too well. He keeps sulking and shaking his head in (6) instead of rejoicing. The credibility gap is wider than before because (7) the allegations of malpractices at high levels. The people’s (8) in the prime Minister and in the Government’s ability to (9) stands rudely shaken. He suddenly rose to fame 30 months ago; his (10) from grace has been equally rapid and dramatic.

(a) at
(b) for
(c) on
(d) with

(a) waning
(b) controlling
(c) beaming
(d) present

 (a) may
 (b) can
 (c) also
 (d) do

 (a) carried
 (b) taken
 (c) paid
 (d) reserved

 (a) occasions
 (b) ceremonies
 (c) happening

(a) joy
(b) pain
(c) dismay
(d) cold

 (a) in
 (b) for
 (d) with

(a) desire
(b) idea
(c) of
(d) with

(a) answer
(b) retaliate
(c) listen
(d) grovern

(a) fall
(b) down
(c) slip
(d) descentz


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