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Cloze test : Expected Set for SBI Clerk Exam

Published on Wednesday, April 13, 2016
cloze test
Poetry is the language of the (1) and the passions. It relates to whatever gives immediate (2) or pain
to the human mind. Poetry is the (3) language which the heart (4) with nature and itself. He who has (5) for poetry cannot have much respect for (6), or for anything else. Wherever there is a sense of (7), or power , or (8), as in the motion of the sea, in the growth of a (9), there is (10) in the birth.

a. poor
b. proud
c. imagination
d. workers
e. sea-animals

a. pleasure
b. relief
c. supply
d. trouble
e. headache

a. worldly
b. sad
c. glorious
d. everyday
e. universal

a. holds
b. demands
c. controls
d. drops
e. imagines

a. love
b. contempt
c. yearning
d. lived
e. died

a. himself
b. word at large
c. hell
d. Satan
e. seasons

a. drowsiness
b. emptiness
c. beauty
d. death
e. destruction

a. greed
b. harmony
c. degradation
d. corruptiontion
e. dissatisfaction

a. insect
b. disease
c. country
d. population
e. flower

a. novel
b. play
c. poetry
d. burlesque
e. satire


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