Cloze Test : Important Set for SBI Clerk Pre Exam

cloze test
There are some who say that they would go on long walks if only get someone to (1) them. This is such a (2) statement that, but for his inborn tact, the hearer would burst (3) a loud laugh with the

comment," Fancy, wanting a companion fr a walk !" The true walker (4) all company .The best companion for a walk is oneself __this being a grand opportunity for sifting and (5) life and people and coming to conclusion (6) so many matters. Here, company is untenable . you might as well say that are unable to contemplate the sunset (7) you have a companion chattering with himself for six hours. will never say,: i have been out with the greatest bore on birth on earth, namely myself," for one's mind attains such resilience while one walk that there can be no (8) boredom. If there is any desire in the walker, it is his insatiety. There is no limit to his desire to cover distances .He calculates (9) himself,"six miles a day, one hundred and eighty miles a month, over two thousand miles a year, why should I not go round the world on foot ?" There is really no limit t his zeal .He even attempts to reach the (10).
(a) join
(b) follow
(c) accompany
(d) come with
(e) separate

(a) funny
(b)  ridiculous
(c) rubbish
(d) laughable
(e) serious

(a) at
(b) to
(c) in
(d) into
(e) for

(a) avoids
(b) shuns
(c) hates
(d) dislikes
(e) approves

(a) watching
(b) observing
(c) analysing
(e) ignoring

(a) over
(b) on
(c) at
(d) of
(e) beyond

(a) untill
(b) so far
(c) so long
(d) unless
(e) through

(a) room
(b) place
(c) scope
(d)reason for
(e)  capacity

(a) by
(b) within
(c) to
(d) for
(e) over

(a) with
(b) nadir
(c) horizon
(d) sky
(e) zenith

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