Cloze Test : Important Set for SBI PO


In the following passage , there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against  each, four words are suggested , on of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate  word.

Driving into Pushkar, it was impossible to miss those ancient walls (1) like the battlement of a fortress, on the left side of the main road half (2) among the trees Intrigued, I (3) the driver of my about the structure. The driver said that it was an old temple,and not (4) a visit. So, like others ,I headed to the Pushkar Lake and entered  the temple of Brahma  and the (5) waters  of the lake. It is reputed that all wishes are (6) with a (7) in these waters.I , too, took th dip. Later,religious sentiments)(8) , I was  free to give (9) to my curiosity , for I had not been able to get those half-hidden  walls out of my (10).

1. (a) rising
(b) erect
(c) emerging
(d) imposing

2. (a) visible
(b) hidden
(c) emerging
(d) viewed

3.(a) told
(b) asked
(c) spoke
(d) enquired

4.(a) suitable
(b) for
(c) worth

5.(a) important
(c) attractive
(d) sacred

6. (a) appeared
(b) granted
(c) satisfied
(d) head

7.(a) swim
(b) jump
(c) dip
(d) ride

8. (a)cured
(b) appeased
(c) granted
(d) satisfied

9. (a) up
(b) over
(c) in
(d) of

10. (a) heart
(b) mind
(c) thinking
(d) feeling

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