Cloze Test - Set picked from previous SBI Clerk Exam

Directions :

In the following passage,there are blanks each of which has been numbered.These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, Four words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately.Find out the appropriate word :-
Goal-setting is not  an (1) Exercise. It requires considerable desire dedication to sit down and work your way through (2) step.It also takes a (3) belief in the value of your goal and in your (4) to reach it. Goal-setting is a thinking exercise that activates the natural success system (5) you.It engages your inner power and resourcefulness much like a car's  transmission engages the (6) when it is shifted out of natural .A big challenging goal causes the creative juices in you to (7).You'll find renewed energy, dedication and enthusiasm as you head down the path you have(8) .When you think of big goals, you automatically except (9) results.Remember, the size of your goal is determined by the (10) of your belief.

(a) Easy
(b) difficult
(c) clear
(d) worthwhile

(a) entire
(b) each
(c) the whole

(b) half-hearted
(c) lukewarm
(d) light-hearted

(a) willingness
(b) ability
(c) desire
(d) ambition

(a) of
(b) inside
(c) among
(d) within

(b) rear
(d) wheels

(a) blow
(b) emerge
(d) activates

(b) got
(c) invented
(d) marked

(a) Large
(b) big
(c) enormous
(d) huge

(a) ability
(b) size
(c) scope
(d) limits

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