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Common Errors in the Use of Nouns - English Grammar

Published on Wednesday, April 06, 2016
Common Errors
My father is in the teaching line. My father is in the teaching profession.
Note : Teaching line is a slang word.
His hat was blown off by a strong air. His hat was blown off by a strong wind.
The magistrate has passed order for his release. The magistrate has passed orders for his release.
There is no place for you on this bench. There is no room for you on this bench.
The police has arrested the thief. The police have arrested the thief.
The wages of sin are death. The wages of sin is death.
The weather of Delhi does not suit me. The climate of Delhi does not suit me.
Credit this sum in my name. Credit this sum to my account.
Note: In my name is a slang expression.The correct use is to my account.
I have learnt these poetries by memory. I have learnt these poems by memory.
Note: There is no such word as poetries. There is no plural of the word poetry. In place of poetries, we should use poems.
He does everything for conscience’s sake. He does everything for conscience sake.
Has the agendum for tomorrow’s meeting been drawn. Has the agenda for tomorrow’s meeting been drawn up?
Explanation: Agendum is not used in English. Agenda (programme of a meeting) is treated as singular.
My uncle’s friend‘s son is a doctor. The son of my uncle’s friend is a doctor.
Note: the use of the double possessive (‘s) should be avoided.
Good night! How do you do? Good evening! How do you do?
Note : Good night is a parting salution.When we meet someone( in the evening time), the saluation should be Good evening.
The juries consist of ten members. The jury consists of ten members.
The jury was divided in its opinion. The jury were divided in their opinion.
Explanation: jury is a collective noun. Whenever there is a sense of unanimous action, we use singular.

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