Fill in the Blanks in English - SBI Clerk Exam

fill in the blanks


Pick out the most suitable word from among the four responses given below each sentence to fill up the blanks.

1. It has been observed that income ___ widened between urban and rural areas.
(a) accretion 
(b) tax
(c) disparity 
(d) deviation

2. The Judge recommended  a severe punishment so that he ___ from drinking in future.
(a) desisted 
(b) avoided
(c) withdrew
(d) recoiled

3. India believes in tolerance , not _____ in acceptance not rejection.
(a) annihilation
(b) aggression
(c) prejudice
(d) bigotry

4. Noe that you have ____me, I shall have nothing to do with you in future.
(a) deserted
(b) abdicated
(c) retaliated
(d) Fostered

5. Our education would have been in vain if it had not ___in us the habit to clear and  independent thinking
(a) established
(b) involved
(c) indulged

6. America_____(discover) b y  Columbus.
(a) had been discovered 
(b) was discovered
(c)is discovered
(d) discovered

7.I wish I ___ a bird.
(a) was
(b) had been
(c) am
(d) were.

8.It is time for you to ___(go) home.
(a) go
(b) are going
(c) had gone
(d) were  going

9. He often ___ (go) for a walk.
(a) go
(b) had gone
(c) goes
(d) is going

10. He ___ (die) at a ripe old age.
(a) died 
(b) dying
(c) had died
(d) will die

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