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Force in Argument : Reasoning Mania Series

Published on Saturday, April 30, 2016


Each of the following statements is followed by two arguments or supporting ideas. Point out whether the arguments are strong or weak. Write:
a. If only I is strong
b. If only II is strong
c. If both I and II are strong
d. If both are weak
e. If both are irrelevant.

1. Should there be internal assessment in colleges?
I. Yes, it will enable the teachers to have better control over the students.
II. No, because it will encourage favouritism among teachers.

2. There should be disparity in pay scales of different jobs requiring equivalent qualifications.
I. Yes, because the nature of work is different from job to job.
II. No, because the basic needs of human beings are the same.

3. Should books of only deserving authors be allowed to be published?
I. Yes, it would save a lot of paper which is in short supply.
II. No, it is possible to draw a line between deserving and underserving authors.

4. Should India enter into 'no war pact' with pakistan?
I. Yes, because that will bring political stability in the region.
II. No, because Pakistan's intentions are not clear.

5. Should strikes be banned in all services?
I. Yes, because strikes cause a lot of inconvenience to the people.
II. No, because this is the only method of getting grievances redressed.

6. Should U.N. be reorganized?
I. Yes, because third world countries have started dominating its proceedings.
II. No, because reorganisation will result in resentment and consequent withdrawal from it.

7. Should "unemployment allowances" be given to the unemployed in India?
I. Yes, because providing employment is the duty of a welfare state and India is a welfare state.
II. No, because it will mean a heavy drain on the exchequer.

8. Should a father force his children to adopt his lifestyle?
I. yes, because the experience of the father will help the children to follow the right path.
II. No, because every individual should be allowed to grew in his own way.

9. Should cow slaughter be banned in India?
I. Yes, because such a step would mean respecting the religious feelings of the majority community i.e. Hindus.  
II. No, because dry and old cows would be a burden upon the society.

10. India is a poor country, So, it should not spend too much money on rockets and satellities.
I. Yes, it drains away the meagre resources of the country.
II. No, launching them successfully helps the country in international level.  


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