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General Awareness Quiz (Mixed) for SSC CGL

Published on Sunday, April 10, 2016
Ques 1.
Securities and Exchange Board of India was establishment in the year?
(a) 1992
(b) 1989
(c) 1988
(d) 1975

Ques 2.
What is Nikkei?
(a) Index of share prices in Tokyo Stock exchange
(b) Japan's Currency
(c) Name of a Japanese Bank which incurred huge losses recently.
(d) Rate of interest offered by Bank of Tokyo

Ques 3.
Goswami Committee is related with which of the following?
(a)Sick industries
(b) Tax Structure
(c) Export Finance
(d)Stock Market

Ques 4.
FORTRAN, a computer  programming  language is mainly used for
(a) Business applications
(b) Scientific Research
(c) Word Processing
(d) Tabulation

Ques 5.
Niger is famous for its
(a) oil content
(b)fodder source
(c)ornamental value
(d) protein content

Ques 6.
The common transport from of sugar in plants
(a) Glucose
(b) Fructose
(c) Sucrose
(d) Galactose

Ques 7.
The main gas causing the green house effects is 
(a) Oxygen
(b) Nitrogen
(c) Ammonia
(d) Carbon mirror

Ques 8.
(a) A Specific test for detection of tuberculosis is 
(b) mantaux'x
(c) Kahn;s
(d) Robert's

Ques 9.
A woman's voice is shriller than a man's due to 
(a) Higher frequency
(b) higher amplitude
(c) lower frequency
(d) weak vocal chords

Ques 10.
Nongkrem dance festival is observed in 
(a) Tripura
(b) Mizoram
(c) Assam
(d) Meghalaya

Ques 11.
The compound which reacts with oxygen to give a brown coloured  compound is 
(a) ammonia
(b) nitirc  oxide
(c) nitrous oxide
(d) sulphur dioxide

Ques 12.
Taking advantage of price discrepancies among markets by buying cheap in one place and selling dear somewhere else is known as
(b) derivative
(c) swap
(d) option

Ques 13.
Gunpowder consists of 
(a) 75% potassium nitrite + 15% charcoal + 10% sulphur
(b)75% potassium nitrite + 10% charcoal + 15% sulphur
(c) 75% potassium nitrite + 10% charcoal + 15% sulphur
(d) 75% potassium nitrite + 15% charcoal + 10% sulphur

Ques 14.
The ozone layer of the atmosphere is damaged by
(a) Ultravioder rays from the sun
(b) Chloro Fluoro Carbons from cooling system'
(c) Deforestation
(d)Industrial pollution

Ques 15.
Deuterium oxide is known as
(a) Heavy water
(b) Heavy Hydrogen
(c) Tear gas
(d) Laughing gas

Ques 16.
Antibodies are formed in_
(a) Spleen
(b) Liver
(c) Lymph nodes
(d) red bone marrow
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