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GK Questions Asked in RRB CBT Exam (16.04.2016) - 1st Shift

Published on Saturday, April 16, 2016
1) Who is the owner of Flipkart?
Ans: Binny Bansal

2) Who made first chocolate?
Ans: Harnan Cortes

3) Right to Freedom and Liberty related to which article?
Ans: Arctile 21

4) Who is the Chief Election Commissioner of India?
Ans: Nasim Zaidi

5) Who invented mouse?
Ans: Douglas Engelbart

6) Which state of India produce maximum silks?
Ans: Karnataka

7) UHT Full form? 
Ans: Ultra High Temperature

8) Chinese Pilgrim visited India during gupta period?
Ans: Fa Hien

9) Muhammad Bin tuglaq transfered capital from Delhi to which place?
Ans: Daultabad

10) Supreme Commander of Indian Defence Services?
Ans: President

11) Large Princely state during Indian Independence?
Ans: Hyderabad

12) Which state becomes digital state? 
Ans: Kerala

13) In which state Resham Udyog Situated? 
Ans: Karnataka

14) Saina Nehwal Related to which sports?
Ans: Badminton

15) Which Bacteria converts milk into curd?
Ans: Lactobacillus Bacteria

16) What is Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria? 
Ans: Microorganisms

17) Full Form of SPM?
Ans: Scanning Probe Microscope

18) Railway Budget in 2016 Presented by? 
Ans: Suresh Prabhu

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