GK Questions Asked in RRB CBT Exam (16.04.2016) - 2nd Shift

1) Who is the 23rd Governor of RBI?
Ans: Raghuram Rajan

2) Who is the largest serving CM in India?
Ans: Jyoti Basu

3) Notre Dam Cathedral is located at?
Ans: Paris, Belgium

4) Who is the inventor of fountain pen?
Ans: Petrache Poenaru

5) Who is the inventor of Revolver?
Ans: Samuel Colt

6) Heightest Statue of Chist located at?
Ans: Brazil

7) First ruler of Vidyanagar?
Ans: Harihar I

8) Guniness World record for song written by?
Ans: Sameer Anjan

9)SI Unit of Force?
Ans: Newton

10) Felithiye Island is which Country?
Ans: Maldives

11) What is the possible highest score Ten pin balling?
Ans: 300

12) Study of Heat?
Ans: Thermodynamics

13) Replanting in the forest?
Ans: Reforestation

14) Interval time of PA Sangma as Speaker?
Ans: 1996-98

15) Chol Ruler who wrote novels?

16) What is the full form of MMU?
Ans: Memory Management Unit

17) Who invented pendalum clock?
Ans: Christiaan Huygens

18) Camel with one hump is called?
Ans: Dromedary

19) Constitution Day?
Ans: 26th November

20) Swadeshi Movement?
Ans: 7th August, 1905

21) Longest bridge of world is in which country?
Ans: China

22) Who was appointed as M.D and CEO of central Mine planing &Design institute Ltd (CMPDI)?
Ans: Shekhar Saran

23) Highest bridge on which river?
Ans: Bhagirathi


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