GK Questions Asked in RRB CBT Exam (26.04.2016) - 1st Shift

1) Allahabad was previously called as?
Ans: Prayag

2) Which are the major constituents of Sun?
Ans: Hydrogen and Helium

3) What is the Digestive acid?
Ans: HCL

4) Another name of Dudoneum?
Ans: Small Intestine

5) Total number of teams in 2016 World Twenty20 Women World Cup?
Ans: 10

6) Where is the Jaistambh situated?
Ans: Raipur

7) Name of NSA of India appointed in 2014?
Ans: Ajit Doval

8) Shift key is application of?
Ans: Modifier Key

9) What is Nagaland’s official language?
Ans: English

10) Who invented Atom bomb?
Ans: Albert Einstein 

11) Full form of IUCN?
Ans: International Union for Conservation of Nature

12) FTP full form?
Ans: File Transfer Protocol

13) Which of the following is the Dwarf planet?
Ans: Pluto

14) Dandi March year?
Ans: 1930

15) Who is H S Prannoy?
Ans: Badminton Player

16) Name the UN ship which was lost in 1985 and found in 2015?

17) Which of the following is not a cancer?


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