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GK Questions Asked in RRB CBT Exam (03.04.2016) - 3rd Shift

Published on Sunday, April 03, 2016

1) Winner of Davis Cup 2015?
Ans: Britain
2) When ions are added to an element what are the changes occurred?
Ans: Chemical Changes

3) Sajan Prakash related to?
Ans: Swimming
4) What is the average thickness of skin?
Ans: 2–3 mm (0.10 inch)
5) When was Indian National Congress formed?
Ans: December 28, 1885
6) The first Nobel Prize for medicine was given for which disease?
Ans: Diphtheria
7) Which Country won 2015 Rugby World Cup?
Ans: New Zealand
8) What is invented by Alfred Nobel?
Ans: Dynamite
9) Who built Fathehpur Sikri?
Ans: Akbar
10) World Wide Web (WWW) was invented by?
Ans: Tim Berners-Lee
11) Azad Hind Fauj was organised by?
Ans: Subhas Chandra Bose
12) Who was North Korea founded by?
Ans: Kim Il-sung
13) Which of the following is not Jupiter's moon?
Ans: Titan
14) The Indian National Satellite System or INSAT are used for?
Ans: Telecommunications, broadcasting, meteorology, and search and rescue operations
15) Main element in marsh gas?
Ans: Methane
16) State-owned ONGC has got environmental clearance for drilling 45 development wells and other related infrastructure involving a cost of over Rs 53,000 crore from which State? 
Ans: Krishna-Godavari basin in Andhra Pradesh.
17) Indian National Army (INA) formed by whom?
Ans: Indian Nationalists in 1942 


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