GK Questions Asked in RRB CBT Exam (05.04.2016) - 1st Shift

1) In which year did India become a member of UN?
Ans: 1945
2) Red Cross was founded by?
Ans: J.H. Dunant

3) Who is the author of Anand Math?
Ans: Bankimchandra Chatterjee
4) The Stadium 'Eden Gardns' is situated at?
Ans: Kolkata
5) Sound travels faster in?
Ans: Steel
6) The source of solar energy is?
Ans: Sinking of the sun
7) The Chemical name of table salt is?
Ans: Sodium Chloride
8) Which matter is used in storage batteries?
Ans: lead
9) Human Development Index report rank 2015 of India?
Ans: 130
10) 1st Astrosat was launched?
Ans: 28 sep 2015
11) White Revolution is related to?
Ans: operative flood
12) Anti corruption member in ICC from india?
Ans: Rahul Dravid
13) Toxicology is ?
Ans: Study of the adverse effects of chemicals on living organisms.
14) Ctrl+z is what?
Ans: to Undo any action
15) Short Distance file transfer/ Communiation device?
Ans: Bluetooth
16) Siachin avalanche survivor name?
Ans: Hanumant Thappa
17) ISI full form?
Ans: Inter Services Intelligence
18) Law of Inertia is given by ?
Ans: Newton
19) Biodiesel Train will be started in which zone?
Ans: South Western Railways Zone
20) Anti leprosy day is observed on?
Ans: January 30
21) Tawang monastery is situated in?
Ans: Arunachal Pradesh
22) Vasco da gama arrived at coast?
Ans: Malabar coast
23) How many medals India gets in 12th South Asian Game?
Ans. 188
24) Panipat Refinery belongs to?
Ans: Haryana(IOCL)
25) Dadabhai Naoroji worked as a professor in which University?
Ans: Elphinstone College
26) Indo-Pak war in which year?
Ans: 1971
27) Which is most populous state according to 2011 census?
Ans: Uttar Pradesh
28) How many world heritage site in India by UNESCO?
Ans: 32
29) In Computer, Which changes source code into object code?
Ans: Compiler
30) Forest cover of India according to 2015 survey?
Ans: 21.23%(7,01,673 sq km)
31) Which is not related to genetic engineering?
32) What is the National Game of USA?
Ans: Base Ball
33) Odd one out? ( Yahoo.com , Facebook.com , Whatsapp)
Ans: Whatsapp


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