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GK Questions Asked in RRB CBT Exam (06.04.2016) - 2nd Shift

Published on Wednesday, April 06, 2016

1) Who is the founder of the Swaraj Party?
Ans: Chitranjan Das
2) What is Laughing gas?
Ans: Nitrous Oxide

3) Another name of Dwarf Planet?
Ans: Pluto
4) Loolong festival is celebrated in which state?
5) Shortcut of Paste in MS Word?
Ans: Ctrl+V
6) What is the Currency of Myanmar?
Ans: Kyat
7) Who built Jantar Mantar of Delhi?
Ans: Maharaja Jai Singh
8) What is the popular dance of Tamil Nadu?
Ans: Bharatnatyam
9) Leprosy is also known as?
Ans: Hansen’s Disease
10) Ligo – a mission is related to which field?
Ans: Black Holes
11) By 2020, hoe many research centres to be established in Antarctica by India?
Ans: 4
12) How the generator works?
Ans: Mechanical to electrical Energy
13) Which of the following does not come under Home Ministry?
14) Who is the winner of U19 cricket World Cup?
Ans: West Indies
15) What is the capital of Nagaland?
Ans: Kohima
16) Where the NASA Headquarters situated?
Ans: Washington DC
17) Stainless Steel is an?
Ans: Alloy
18) Where is the Statue of Liberty Situated?
Ans: New York,USA
19) Khajuraho Temple is located at - 
ANs: Madhya Pradesh
20) Which gas is released during respiration by human Beings?
Ans: CO2
21) State share boundary with Bangladesh?
Ans: Tripura
22) Which Cricketer Hits theree consecutive centuries in Cricket World Cup?
Ans: Kumar Sangakkara
23) Maximum number of Medals won by which country in Olympics 2012?
Ans: USA
24) What is the  Infrared Rays?
Ans: Electromagnetic Waves
25) Which of the following is not protocol?( LTP,SMTP,HTTP,ATM )
Ans: ATM 

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