Idioms and Phrases : Picked from Previous Exams RCs


Direction :-

Each of the following idioms/phrases has four responses (a),(b),(c), and (d)., Indicate the response which gives the correct meaning of the idiom phrase.

1. To cast aspersions
a. to express doubt
b. to express false and malicious accusation
c. to suspect
d. to restore

2.To burn the midnight oil
a. to remain awake 
b. to use too much oil
c. to work hard till late in the night
d. to create a lot of light

3. Through thick and thin
a. through good as well as bad times
b. through forests
c. through all phases
d. losing and gaining weight

4. To cave in
a. to dig in
b. to make a hole
c. to yield
d. to change tune

5. Call a spade a spade
a. call things by their right name
b. to hint
c. to come to the point straightaway
d. to circumvent

6. Tip of the iceberg
a. too cold
b. starting point
c. the outline of something
d. only the beginning of a much larger dimension

7. Have the cake as well as eat it
a. have two things
b. have the entire thing
c. take double advantage
d. push something

8. Serpent under the floewer
a. a hidden snake
b. an enemy posing as friend
c. attractive
d. dubious

9. Poetic justice
a. justice meted out by natural process
b. justice done by poets
c. true justice
d. fair play

10. pass away
a. complete
b. die
c. succeed
d. cross.

11.To weather the storm
a. to face a crisis
b. to survive a crisis
c. to be the victim of a crisis
d. to create crisis

12. A fly in the ointment
a. to clean a thing
b. to sterilise
c. a problem in a situation
d. an unsuccessful attempt

13. To have a dig at
a. to criticise someone
b. to sow seeds
c. to weed out
d. to praise someone

14. To cut someone short
a. to oblige someone
b. to assist someone
c. to interrupt someone
d. to insult someone

15. A man of straw
a. a man of no substance
b. a man without means
c. a man of character
d. a generous man


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