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Important Battles of Indian History

Published on Thursday, April 21, 2016
Dear Readers,
Today we are presenting you a short note on the topic "Important Battles of Indian History" which is very important for your ongoing RRB NTPC 2016 CBT and also for upcoming SSC CGL 2016. 

Important Battles of Indian History

Name of the Battle
326 B.C.
Battle of Hydaspas
Alexander wins over Porus
305 B.C.
Seleucid–Mauryan War
Chandragupta Maurya wins over the Greek King Seleucus
261 B.C.
Kalinga War
Asoka wins
155 B.C.
Menander invade India
90 B.C.
The Saka invade India
454 A.D.
The first Huna invasion
495 A.D.
The second Huna invasion
712 A.D.
Invasion of Sind
Mohammed-bin-Qasim invades from the West
1191 A.D.
First Battle of Tarain
Prithviraj Chauhan wins over Mohammed Ghori
1192 A.D.
Second Battle of Tarain
Ghori wins over Prithviraj Chauhan
1194 A.D.
Battle of Chhandwar
Ghori wins over Jaichandra of Kannauj
1294 A.D.
Alauddin Khilji invades the Yadava kingdom of Devagiri. The first Turkish invasion of the Deccan
1398 A.D.
Timur invades India. Wins over the Tughlaq Sultan Mahmud Shah; the Sack of Delhi
1526 A.D.
First Battle of Panipat
Babar wins over Ibrahim Lodhi
1527 A.D.
Battle of Khanua
Babar wins over Rana Sanga
1529 A.D.
Battle of Ghaghara
Babar wins over the Afghans
1539 A.D.
Battle of Chausa
Sher Shah Suri wins over Humayun
1540 A.D.
Battle of Kannauj (or Bilgram)
Sher Shah Suri wins over Humayun
1556 A.D.
Second Battle of Panipat
Bairam Khan (representing Akbar) wins over Hemu
1565 A.D.
Battle of Talikota (or Banihatti)
Vijaynagar empire loses against an alliance formed by Ahmednagar, Bijapur, Golkonda and Bidar
1576 A.D.
Battle of Haldighati
Akbar wins over Maharana Pratap
1615 A.D.
Mewar submitted to the Mughals
Peace treaty signed between Jahangiri and Rana Amar Singh of Mewar
1632-33 A.D.
Conquest of Ahmadnagar by Shah Jahan
1649 A.D.
Mughal-Safavid War
Mughals lose Kandahar to Persia
1658 A.D.
Battle of Dharmatt and Samugarh
Aurangzeb wins over Dara Shikoh
1665 A.D.
Seige of Purandar
Raja Jai Singh wins over Shivaji and Treaty of Purandar signed
1708 A.D.
Battle of Khed
Shahu wins over Tara Bai
1737 A.D.
Battle of Bhopal
Baji Rao wins over Mohammed Shah
1739 A.D.
Battle of Karnal
Nadir Shah wins over Mohammed Shah
1757 A.D.
Battle of Plassey
Robert Cive wins over Siraj-ud-daula, the Nawab of Bengal
1760 A.D.
Battle of Wandiwash
English wins over the French
1761 A.D.
Third Battle of Panipat
Ahmed Shah Abdali wins over Marathas
1764 A.D.
Battle of Buxar
Hector Munro wins over combined armies of Nawab Mir Qasim of Bengal, Nawab Shuja-ud-daula of Awadh and Mughal emperor Shah Alam
1767-69 A.D.
First Anglo Mysore War
Hyder Ali wins over English forces
1770 A.D.
Battle of Udgir
Marathas defeat the Nizam
1780-84 A.D.
Second Anglo Mysore War
Hyder Ali dies and Treaty of Mangalore is signed
1789-92 A.D.
Third Anglo Mysore War
Tipu Sultan defeated and Treaty of Serirangapatnam is signed
1799 A.D.
Fourth Anglo Mysore War
Tipu Sultan is defeated and killed
1803-06 A.D.
Second Anglo Maratha War
Marathas lose to the British
1817-19 A.D.
Third Anglo Maratha War
Marathas lose to the British
1824-26 A.D.
First Anglo Burmese War
British won over Burmese
1839-42 A.D.
First Anglo Afghan War
British defeat Afghan ruler Dost Mohammad
1845-46 A.D.
First Anglo Sikh War
Sikhs lose to the British
1848-49 A.D.
Second Anglo Sikh War
Punjab annexed by the British
1852 A.D.
Second Anglo Burmese War
British win the war
1857 A.D.
The Revolt of 1857 (The First War of Indian Independence)
1865 A.D.
Third Angio Burmese War
British win and Burma is annexed
1868-80 A.D.
Second Anglo Afghan War
Treaty of Gandamak is signed
1919-21 A.D.
Third Anglo Afghan War
Ended in an Artimice and Durand line established

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