Cloze Test Set - Important for SBI Clerk Exam

He brought freedom to India and in that process taught s many things which were important for us at the time. He told us to (1) fear and hatred, he told us to unity and equality and brotherhood.of raising
those who had been suppressed,of the (2) of labour and of the supremacy of things of the spirit. Above all, he spoke and wrote unceasingly of truth in (3) all our activities. He repeated again and again that truth was to him God and God was truth. Scholars may raise their eyebrows and philosophers and cynics repeat the told question: what is Truth.? (4) of us dare to answer it with any assurance; it may be that the answer itself is many-sided and our limited intelligence cannot (5) the whole. But, however limited the functioning of our minds or our capacity  for intuition may be , each one of us must,I suppose, have some limited idea of truth as he sees it. Will he act (6) to it, regardless of (7) and not compromise (8) what he himself considers an aberration from it? Will he even in search of the right (9), compromise with the means of attaining it? Will he subordinate means to (10)?
(a) remove
(b) shed
(c) leave
(d) forego
(e) adopt

(a) value
(b) importance
(c) form
(d) dignity
(e) effort

(a) connection with
(b) relation to
(c) link of
(d) light of
(e) apart form

(a) few
(b) The few
(c) some
(d) None
(e) All

(a) Know
(b) grasp
(c) catch
(d) follow
(d) justify

(a) up
(b) upon
(c) on
(d) over
(e) at

(a) results
(b) generalizations
(c) conclusions 
(e) impacts

(a) to
(b) with
(c) for
(d) about
(e) no word is needed

(a) end
(b) goal
(c) place
(d) point
(e) process

(a) ends
(b) objectives
(c) achievements
(d) consequences
(e) none of these

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