Indian Geography Quiz for ISRO Assistant Exam

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Today we are presenting you a 10 question set on Indian Geography which is very important for your upcoming ISRO Assistant Exam:-

1. Lac is secreted by
a) trees like rubber
b) certain kinds of birds
c) some animals
d) a certain type of insect which feeds on the saps of trees such as Palas, Ber and Kusum

2. Gujarat is noted for the cultivation of
a) Cotton
b) Sugercane
c) Saffron
d) Jute 

3. Black soil derived from volcanic rocks, with humus is suitable for growing
a) rice
b) wheat
c) cotton
d) grapes 

4. Which of the following is a rabi crops?
a) Cotton
b) Mustard
c) Maize
d) Rice 

5. The Satpura Thermal Power Station is in
a) Uttar Pradesh
b) Jammu and Kashmir
c) Madhya Pradesh
d) Maharashtra 

6. Tobacco was introduced into India by the
a) Chinese
b) Portuguese
c) English
d) French 

7. In which of the following areas of India is there an overlapping plantation of tea and coffee?
a) North-east
b) North-west
c) South-west
d) South-east 

8. The Hirakud Project harnesses the water of the ____________ river.
a) Ganga
b) Sutlej
c) Mahanadi
d) Tapi 

9. The Talcher Thermal Power Station is in
a) Orissa
b) Maharashtra
c) West Bengal
d) Meghalaya 

10. The Damodar Valley Project concerns two States
a) Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh
b) West Bengal and Bihar
c) Maharashtra and Karnataka
d) Haryana and Punjab 


1. d) a certain type of insect which feeds on the saps of trees such as Palas, Ber and Kusum
2. a) Cotton
3. c) cotton
4. b) Mustard
5. c) Madhya Pradesh
6. b) Portuguese
7. c) South-west
8. c) Mahanadi
9. a) Orissa
10. b) West Bengal and Bihar 


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