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One Word Substitution - 100 Words Capsule

Published on Thursday, April 07, 2016
Decsription Word
One who knows many languages. Linguist
Being unable to pay one’s debts. Insolvent
Having e evil reputation. Notorious
One who leaves his country to settle elsewhere. Emigrant
A person who lives at the same time as another. Contemporary
A person who can neither read nor write. Iiiiterate
A person who spends his money recklessly. Spendthrift
A person who lives by himself. Recluse
A woman whose husband is dead. Widow
A person sent on mission(usually official). Emissary
A person who is indifferent to pleasure or pain. Stoic
One who makes an eloquent public speech. Orator
Being present everywhere. Omnipresent
Being all-powerful. Omnipotent
One who knows everything. Omniscient
Beyond making a mistake Infallible
One who eats human flesh. Cannibal
One who looks at the dark side of things. Pessimist
One who looks at the bright side of things Optimist
Not suitable to be elected or selected under the rules. Ineligible
One who hates mankind Misanthropist
One who lives on vegetables. Vegetarian
One who has belief in the existence of God. Theist
One who has no belief in the existence of God. Atheist
One who believes in fate. Fatalist
A member of a council. Councilor
The practice of having two or more spouse. Polygamy
A general pardon of political offenders. Amnesty
Fond of entertaining guests. Hospitable
One who totally abstains from alcoholic drinks. Teetotaler
One who walks on foot. Pedestrian
Taking of one’s own life. Suicide
Murder of a king. Regicide
Murder of a new-born infant. Infanticide
Murder of one’s own father/mother/brother. Patricide/Matricide/Fratricide
The killing of human beings. Homicide
Forbidden, prohibited by law. IIIicit
A medicine to counteract the effect of poison. Antidote
A speech made without preparation. Extempore
A language that is no longer spoken. Dead
The word which is no longer in use. Obsolete
The motive merely to get money. Mercenary
Existing forever – without any beginning or end. Eternal
Subject to death. Mortal
Resulting in death. Fatal of mortal
Property inherited from one’s father or ancestors. Patrimony
A paper written by hand. Manuscript
The result of the match where neither party wins. Draw
Animals which give birth to babies and feed them with their milk. Mammals
A place for burial or dead bodies. Cemetery
Counterfeiting of document. Forgery
Of one’s own free will. Voluntary
Give tit for tat. Retaliate
The cessation of warfare before a treaty is signed. Armistice
The science of reasoning. Logic
Belonging to all parts of the world. Universal
A figure with many angles or sides. Polygon
An instrument for measuring temperature. Thermometer
A place where young plants are reared. Nursery
The absence of government in a company. Anarchy
Government carried on by an absolute ruler. Dictatorship
Government by the representatives of the people. Democracy
Government by officials. Bureaucracy
An absolute government. Autocracy
The life history of a person written by himself. Autobiography
The yearly return of a date. Anniversary
Of unknown or undamitted authorship. Anonymous
Allowing the passage of rays of light. Transparent
Not allowing the passage of light. Opaque
A substance that kills insects. Insecticide
Occurring at the same time. Simultaneous
An assembly of worshippers. Congregation
An assembly of listeners. Audience
A substance that kills germs. Germicide
A cure for all diseases. Panacea
Contrary to law. IIIegal
Not definitely or clearly expressed. Inexplicit
That which cannot be excused. Inexcusable
That which cannot be taken by force of arms. Impregnable
That which cannot be admitted or allowed. Inadmissible
That which cannot be reached. Inaccessible
That which cannot be perceived by sense Imperceptible
That which cannot be burnt Incombustible
That which cannot be divided. Indivisible
That which cannot be reconciled Irreconcilable
That which cannot be recovered. Irrecoverable
That which cannot be seen. Invisible
That which cannot be read. IIIegible
That which cannot be heard. Inaudible
That which cannot be conquered. Invincible
That which cannot be wounded. Invulnerable
That which cannot be believed. Incredible
That which cannot be avoided. Inflammable
The only one of its type . Unique
The driver of a taxi cab. Cabby
All of one mind. Unanimous.
A false or mistake belief. Fallacy

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