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Ranking Puzzle - Expected Question for Upcoming Exams

Published on Friday, April 01, 2016
Ranking Puzzles - Reasoning Ability


Read the following to answer these questions .
Seven persons J, K, L, M, N, O and P participate in a  series of swimming races in which the following are always true about the results :
  • K finishes ahead of L.
  • N finishes directly behind  M.
  • Either J finishes first and O last, or O following first and J last.
  • There are no ties in any race everyone finishes each race.

Ques 1.

If exactly two swimming finish between J and L, then which of the following must be true?
(a) J finishes first
(b) o finishes first
(c) K finishes second
(d) M finishes fifth
(e) None of the above
Ans 1. J finishes first
J > P > k > L

Ques 2. 

Which of the following cannot be true?
(a) K Finishes third
(b) K finishes sixth
(c) M finishes second
(d) N finishes fourth
(e) None of the above
Ans 2. K finishes sixth
K > L  and either J or O has to be the last.

Ques 3.

If N finishes directly ahead of K, then which of the following is a complete and accurate listing of the positions in which m could have finished?
(a) second
(b) Third
(c) Second, third
(d) Second, third , fourth
(e) None of the above'
Ans 3. Second, third
J >P > M > N > K > L > O or
J >M > N >K >L >P> O

Ques 4.

If O and K finish so that one is directly behind the other, Then which of the following must be true?
(a) K finishes sixth
(b) O finishes seventh
(c) J finishes first
(d) L finishes third, J finishes seventh
(e) None of the above
Ans 4. L finishes third , J Finishes seventh
O > K > L > M > N > P > J or
O > K > L > P > M > N > J 

Ques 5.

If J finishes first, and if L finishes ahead of N, then in How many different orders is it possible for the other swimmers to finish ?
(a) 2
(b) 3
(c) 4
(d) 5
(e) none of the above
Ans 5. 4
(1) J  > P > K > L > M >N > O
(2) J > K > P > L > M > N > O
(3) J > K > L > P > M > N > O
(4) J > K >L > M > N > P > O


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