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Each of these questions has a sentence which a divided into three parts namely (A), (B) and (C).Identify that part which has an error and mark your answer accordingly. If the sentence has no error, then mark (D) as your answer.

1.Our Constitution is modelled (A)/ of the British parliamentary system (B)/ not the American Presidential system .(C)/No error .(D)

2.In a Parliamentary system of government (A)/ the Executive is responsible (B)/ to the Legislature .(C)/ No error.(D)

3. One of the power (A)/ of the president is (B)/ to preside over meetings .(C)/ No error .(D)

4. Everyone agrees (A)/that kalidas is Shakespeare (B)/ of India(C)/ No error. (D)

5. One of the most important devices (A)/ at the disposal of the Parliament (B)/ are 'no-confidence' motions. (C)/No error.(D)

6. Newly acquired freedom(A) is sometimes (B)/ liable for abuse .(C)/ No error (D)

7. It was thought that reliance on either the capitalist (A)/ and the socialist  methods (B)/ would be slow process.(C)/ No error .(D)

8. The resources are limited (A)/ we cannot afford to waste it (B)/ by duplication and competition.(C)/ No error .(D)

9. A curious assortment of goods (A)/ were (B)/ to be seen in the shop.(C)/ No error.(D)

10. It has been decided (A)/ that we shall start (B)/ after the breakfast .(C)/ No error .(D)

Solutions :

1. Write on in place of of in section 'B'. Model as a verb  always followed by on.

2. No error.

3. Write power in place of power in section 'A' Correct use is one of the powers as it refers to one power among many.

4. When a proper noun becomes a common noun or a universal noun, it takes the before it . In present sentence  'Shakespeare' ceases to be a proper noun and becomes a common noun .So The  should be used before Shakespeare. So, the correct from of sentence will be -Everyone agrees that  kalidas is the Shakespeare of India.

5. Write is in place of are in section 'C' One of the + plural noun is always followed by singular verb.

6. Liable is always followed by preposition to. So write to in place of for in section 'C'

7.Write or in place of and in section 'B' Either always makes a pair with or.

8. write them in  place of it in section 'B'. As noun is plural so we should use pronoun accordingly
9.Write  was in place of were in section 'B' In section 'B' .Verb should agree with  a curious assortment not 'goods'.

10. Remove the before breakfast.'Breakfast' is a meal and 'the' is not used before the names of meals


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