Static GK Quiz for SSC CGL and Railway - Part 20

static gk
1. The total coastline of India is more than
a. 5000 kilometres
b. 7000 kilometres
c. 7500 kilometres
d. 8000 kilometres

2. A monopolist maximises his profit when 
a. Price = average cost
b. marginal cost= marginal revenue
c. average cost= marginal cost
d. marginal revenue= average cost

3. According to Lord Keyens, interest rate is determined by the supply and demand for
a. savings
b. loanable funds
c. money
d. capital goods

4. if tea and coffee are substitutes, a reduction in the price of coffee will
a. increase the sale of tea
b. decrease the sale of coffee
c. increase the sale of coffee
d. increase the price of tea

5. perfect market means there are
a. many sellers and many buyers
b. a few sellers and a few buyers
c. a few sellers and many buyers 
d. a few buyers and many sellers

6. A proclamation of Emergency by the president will require
a. approval by the Union Council of Ministers 
b. approval by parliament
c. approval by the national Integration Council
d. None of the above

7. The presidential Ordinance has a maximum life of
a. six weeks
b. three months
c. six months
d. eight months

8. Finance Commission is appointed by the 
a. president of India
b. Prime Minister of India
c. Lok Sabha
d. Rajya Sabha

9. Which one of the following crops can enrich soil with nitrogenous compounds?
a. Mustard
b. Rice
c. Sugarcane
d. Black gram

10. The smallest blood vessel is called
a. Vena cava
b. Artery
c. Capillary
d. Aorta

11. Which one of the following plants bears no fruits but produces seeds?
a. Groundnut
b. Sugarcane
c. Cycas
d. Almond

12. man's nearest relative in animal world is 
a. The Common Rhesus Monkey
b. Gorilla
c. Chimpanzee
d. Gibbon

13. It has been a very old practice in India to prepare pickles without adding any chemical preservatives, What is the main factor that prevents spoilage of such pickles by micro- organisms?
a. Oil
b. Chillies
c. Coriander
d. Salt

14. The famous nursery rhyme- " Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" is written by
a. William Shakespeare 
b. Jane Taylor
c. Charles Dickens
d. William Wordsworth

15. The hardest material is
a. Gypsum
b. Zinc
c. Diamond
d. Platinum 

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