Syllogism : 10 Important Questions solved using Venn Diagrams

Syllogism : 10 Important Questions
1. Statements  I : All tigers are jackals.
II: All jackals are  horse.
Conclusions I: All jackals are tigers.
II: All horses are jackals.
III: No horse is tiger.
(a) Only III and IV  follow.
(b) Only I and II follow.
(c) All follow.
(d) None follows.

2. Statements  I: All cows are hens.
II: All cats are hens.
Conclusions I: All hens are cows.
II: All hens are cats.
III:  Some hens are cows.
IV :  Some hens are cats.
(a) Only  I and II follow.
(b) Only III follow.
(c) Only Iv follow
(d) Only III and IV follow.
(e) All Follow.

3. Statements  I: All bags are chalks.
II: All chalks are bottles.
Conclusions  I: Some bottles are bags.
II: All bags  are bottles.
III: All bottles are bags.
IV :  Some chalks are not bags.
(a) Only  I, III and IV follow.
(b) Only II, III and IV  follow.
(c) None of these
(d) Only I,II and IV follow.
(e) All Follow.

4. Statements I: Some frogs are bricks.
II: All bricks are cakes.
Conclusions  I: Some cakes are not frogs.
II: Some cakes are frogs.
III: No cake is frog.
IV: All frogs are cakes.
(a) Only I and II follow.
(b) All follow.
(c) None follows.
(d) Only II, III and Iv follows.
(e) Only I, II and Iv follows.

5. Statements  I: Some cars are scooters.
II: No scooter  is a cycle.
Conclusions  I:No car is cycle.
II: No scooter is car.
III: Some cars are cycles.
IV: some scooters are cars.
(a) All follows.
(b) None follows.
(c) Only I and III follows.
(d) Only I, II and Iv follows.
(e) Only IV follows.

6  Statements  I: some caps are tanks.
II: Some tanks are bulbs.
Conclusions I: Some tanks are caps.
II: some bulbs are tanks.
III: Some caps are bulbs.
IV: No bulb are cap.
(a) Only I,II and III follow.
(b) Only I, II and Iv follow.
(c) Only i,II and either III or IV follow.
(d) None of these
(e)  All follows.

7. Statements I : All crystals are magnets.
II: Some magnets  are chocolates.
Conclusions I: Some magnets are crystals.
II: Some chocolates are not magnets.
III: No chocolates is crystal.
IV: All magnets are crystals.
(a) Only I, II and IV follow.
(b) Only I,II and III follow.
(c) None of these.
(d) All of these.
(e) Only II and III follow.

8. Statements  I: No boat is shop.
II: All shops are guns.
Conclusions I: All boats are  guns.
II: No boat is gun.
III: Some guns are shops.
IV: All guns  are shops.
(a) Only either I or II follows.
(b) Only I follows.
(c) Only II follows.
(d) Only III and Iv follow.
(e) None of these .

9. Statements I: Some pens are books.
II: Some books are pencils.
Conclusions I: Some pens are pencils
II: Some pencils are pens.
III: All pencils are books.
IV: All books are pens.
(a) All follow.
(b) None follows.
(c) Only I and III follow
(d) Only II and IV follow.
(e) Only I follows.

10. Statements I: All researchers are psychologists.
II: Some psychologists are scientists.
Conclusions  I: All researchers are scientists.
II: Some researchers are scientists.
III: Some scientists are psychologists.
IV: Some psychologists are researchers.
(a) None follows.
(b) Only III and IV follow.
(c) All Follows.
(d) Only III follows.
(e) Only II and IV follow.

Solutions :

1. When all tigers are jackals and all jackals are horses, then all tigers will be horses; some ( not all) horses and some ( not all ) jackals will be tigers and some (not all ) horses will be jackals. Therefore,neither of the conclusions is correct.

2. When all cows and all cats are hens, then some hens ( not all ) must be cows and cats.Therefore, conclusions III and IV  are correct.

3. When all bags are chalks which are all bottles,then all bags are  bottles and some (not all) bottles must be bags. Therefore, conclusion  I,II and IV are correct.

4. When some frogs are bricks which are all cakes then some frogs must be cakes and vice versa.Also some cakes re not frogs, and all frogs cannot be cakes.Therefore, Conclusions I and II are correct.

5. When some cars are scooters, then some scooters must be cars. When no scooter is a cycle then neither is contained in the other. As for cars and cycles they  may or may not  contained in the other .Therefore, only conclusions Iv is correct.

6.When some caps are tanks then some tanks must be caps. When some tanks are bulbs then some bulbs must be  tanks. Caps and bulbs may or may not be contained in the other.So,either conclusion III or IV may be true. But conclusions I and II are correct.

7. When all crystals are magnets then some magnets must be crystals .When some magnets are chocolates, then some chocolates must be and some must not be magnets.Some chocolates which are magnets may or may not be crystals. So , only conclusions I and II follow.

8.When all shops are guns then some (not all_ guns must be shops. Boat and guns may or may not be  contained in the other. So, either conclusions I or II may be true. But conclusions III is correct.

9. When some pens are books, then some books (not all) must be pens.When some books are pencils, then some pencils (not all) must be books. pens and pencils may or may not be contained in the other.So, conclusion I and II may be correct.

10. When all researchers are psychologists then some psychologists must be researchers.When some psychologists are scientists, then some scientists must be psychologists may or may not be  researchers. Therefore, only conclusions III and IV are correct.

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