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Vocabulary Bites (Part 17) : With Pictorial Explanations

Published on Tuesday, April 05, 2016

1. Bacchanalian

    Definition: Used of riotously drunken merrymaking.
    Usage: The police took some effort to remove the bacchanalian crowd who were disturbing the party and ensure that peace was restored.

2. Blasphemy

    Definition: Behavior or language that insults or shows a lack of respect for God or  religion.
    Usage: To speak even dispassionately about the merits of the enemy's claims was blasphemy to Duryodhana who treated his own rights as holy. 

3. Daunting

    Definition: To make someone feel nervous and less confident about doing something.
    Usage: The height of the mountain will daunt all but the most experienced climbers.

4. Parsimonious

    Definition: Extremely unwilling to spend money.
    Usage: Some of the richest people have the most parsimonious habits.

5. Frivolous

    Definition: Characterized by lack of seriousness or sense.
    Usage: In her presence no one ever indulged in either frivolous remarks or risque conversation. 

6. Arboreal

    Definition: Relating to trees; living in trees.
    Usage: The apes are almost totally arboreal ; they live in the trees travel through the trees and eat fruit from the trees. 

7. Bereaved

    Definition: Having lost a relative or close friend who has recently died.
    Usage: He visited the bereaved family to offer comfort. 

8. Delectable

    Definition: Extremely pleasant to taste, smell, or look at | very attractive.
    Usage: " delectable Miss Marple ".

9. Vulpine

    Definition: OF, relating to, or similar to a fox.
    Usage: A vulpine grin.

10. Slake

    Definition: To drink so that you no longer feel thirsty | to satisfy a desire.
    Usage: They had to melt snow to slake their thirst. 

11. Enliven

      Definition: To make something more interesting or more fun.
      Usage: Presidential candidates and protesters will enliven conference. 

12. Reprehensible

      Definition: Morally wrong and deserving criticism.
      Usage: His conduct was thoroughly reprehensible. 

13. Recurrent

      Definition: That happens again and again.
      Usage: The loss of innocence is a recurrent theme in his stories. 

14. Ecclesiastic

      Definition: A priest or minister in the Christian Church.
      Usage: Being an ecclesiastical person the judge let the preacher win the case. 

15. Expend

      Definition: To use or spend a lot of time, money, energy, etc.
      Usage: She expended all her efforts on the care of her home and children. 
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