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Vocabulary Bites (Part - 20) - Learn New Words Quickly

Published on Friday, April 08, 2016


Definition :a baby, especially a very young one
Usage: He showed us a picture of his infant daughter.


Definition:  1. An instance of giving off something such as a liquid or gas~n
2.An act of talking or writing in an unrestrained or heartfelt way
Usage :The law governing the rates of effusion of two gases is called Grahams law


Definition: 1. a formal written charge of crime formerly referred to and presented on oath by a grand jury.~n
2. Any formal accusation of crime"
Usage: Prosecutors may soon seek his indictment on fraud charges.


Definition: to force or push something out of something; to be forced or pushed in this way
2) to shape metal or plastic by forcing it through a hole
Usage:  Aluminium is melted down and extruded through a die or cast in a mould to give it the desired shape.


Definition: to force or knock something out of its position 2) to force someone to leave a place, position, or job
Usage: The army has dislodged enemy forces from their stronghold


Definition: a bad-tempered, unpleasant woman 2) a small animal like a mouse with a long nose
Usage :After the first visit he announced that his stepmother was a shrew


Definition: connected with marriage or a wedding
Usage: Newlyweds still in a state of nuptial bliss


Definition: A mass departure of people
Usage: A shop boss today told how he faces a mass exodus of staff following two robberies at his store within 48 hours.


Definition: A person who advocates or supports the principle of equality for all people
Usage: He was known to be a social and political egalitarian.


Definition: showing very strong feelings, especially anger
Usage :The nation came together with vehement opposition to sending the young boys of the country abroad to fight in a meaningless war.


Definition: moving or bending easily, in a way that is elegant
Usage: Gymnasts must be quite lithe to do all of their routines.


Definition:  © 2013 Page 226/239 to remove people from an organization, often violently, because their opinions or activities are unacceptable to the people in power 2) to make yourself/someone or something pure, healthy, or clean by getting rid of bad thoughts or feelings 3) to get rid of something from the body.
Usage:  A day on which the faithful are expected to purge themselves of their sins through prayer and fasting


Definition: 1. Incapable of making mistakes.~n
2. Completely dependable or trustworthy.
Usage: She had an infallible eye for style.


Definition :a wrong belief : a false or mistaken idea
2) The quality of being false or wrong
Usage: It is a fallacy to think because someone is elected president he is a smart person.


Definition: the state of feeling pleasure when something goes well for you or when your desires are satisfied; something that gives you pleasure © 2013 Page 225/239
Usage: Much to my gratification my work got a special mention in her speech.

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