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Vocabulary Bites (Part -69) : Learn New Words Quickly

Published on Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Definition: superiority in power or influence;
Usage:  By engaging in riots the people sought to overcome the preponderance of the army general who had taken over the government.


Definition:  the state of feeling anxious about something that has happened
2) a small change in the quality, behavior, or movement of something
Usage: In her perturbation she kept calling her son a freshman to see if everything was alright at college


Definition:  the outer layer of the skin covering the exterior bodily surface of vertebrates
Usage:  The growing seedlings should be kept out of the full sun until the typical thick epidermis has appeared.


Definition:  extremely painful or bad
Usage:  It was excruciating to get stung by so many bees at one time.


Definition:  still enthusiastic and determined, despite difficulties or disappointment
Usage:  The firefighters were undaunted by the dangerous conditions they faced


Definition the act of removing or destroying something
Usage Embarrassed about their impoverished past after having won the lottery the family took solace in the erasure of all traces of their past life.


Definition:  The study of the characteristics of different peoples and the differences and relationships between them.
Usage: He was really interested to pursue his research in the field of ethnology.


Definition : 1.Remote, detached, or aloof.~n2. Of or pertaining to an island or islands.
Usage : Today the island is home to a large colony of little terns and is the only insular colony in Ireland.


Definition:  connected with the ocean or ships
2) near the ocean
Usage:  The country's maritime industry is an important part of its economy.


Definition:  relating to or involving ships or shipping or navigation or seamen;
Usage:  The Nautilus was speeding at nearly thirty nautical miles an hour.


Definition:  Of or relating to or characteristic of fire
Usage : Igneous rock is formed by solidification from a molten state; especially from molten magma.


Definition: Under an assumed name or appearance; in disguise
Usage:  Movie stars often prefer to travel incognito.


Definition:  recording of visuals
Usage: His participation was proven by the video clip of the crime scene.


Definition:  to risk harming or destroying something or someone
Usage: His health has been jeopardized by poor nutrition.


Definition:  connected with young people who are not yet adults
2) silly and more typical of a child than an adult
Usage: She criticized his juvenile behavior at the party.

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