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Vocabulary Bites (Part -23) : Learn New Words Quickly

Published on Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Definition:  considering a whole thing or being to be more than a collection of parts
2) treating the whole person rather than just the symptoms of a disease
Usage : He usually takes a holistic approach to treat diseases.


Definition:  dried up and dead
2) looking old because they are thin and weak
and have very dry skin
3) thin and weak and not fully developed because of disease
Usage:  Farmers have watched their crops wither because of the drought


Definition:   the fact of a lot of people, money, or things arriving somewhere
Usage:  The city is preparing for a large influx of tourists this summer


Definition:  feelings of hatred and a desire to hurt other people, especially because you think that someone has done something unfair to you
Usage:  In the end the debate created a degree of rancor among the committee members.


Definition:  to mention or use a law, rule, etc. as a reason for doing something
2) to mention a person, a theory, an example, etc. to support your opinions or ideas, or as a reason for something
3) to mention someone's name to make people feel a particular thing or act in a
particular way
4) to make a request (for help) to someone, especially a god
5) to make someone have a particular feeling or imagine a particular scene
6) to begin to run a program, etc.
7) to make evil appear by using magic
Usage:  He invoked memories of previous disasters to argue against


Definition: Make (something) clear; explain
Usage:  Colored charts accompanied the presentation to elucidate the points being made
in a much more illustrative manner.


Definition: the quality of understanding or dealing with a subject at a very serious level
2) the quality of being very great, serious, or powerful
3) something that someone says that shows great understanding
Usage : Her books are a mixture of playfulness and profundity.


Definition:  a big change that causes a lot of confusion, worry, and problems
2) an occurrence in which a part of the Earth's surface moves up forcefully
Usage: The lake was formed by geologic upheaval


Definition:  to put someone or something in a situation in which they could be harmed or damaged
Usage:  Rampant deforestation in the name of development has endangered a lot of plant and animal species


Definition: to break a law or rule
2) to limit someone's legal rights
Usage : The movie maker was slapped with a copyright infringement lawsuit by a little known script writer for plagiarizing his work


Definition:  if food containing fat is rancid, it tastes or smells unpleasant because it is no longer fresh
Usage:  A rancid smell came from the abandoned refrigerator.


Definition:  characterized by or feeling intense excitement and happiness.
Usage:  The euphoric winner was momentarily speechless


Definition:  to prove that something is true
2) to make something legally valid
3) to state officially that something is useful and of an acceptable standard
Usage: Customs officers validated our passports.


Definition:  1. Impossible to avoid or prevent.~n2. certain
Usage:  Getting wet is inevitable if you are going to try to give your dog a bath


Definition: a member of a community that moves with its animals from place to place
Usage: Raised in a nomadic family she attended half a dozen different high schools
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