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Vocabulary Bites (Part - 24) : Learn New Words Quickly

Published on Thursday, April 14, 2016


Definition: to remove all signs of something, either by destroying or covering it completely
Usage: Most of the books were completely obliterated in the fire.


Definition:  a figure of speech in which an expression is used to refer to something that it does not literally denote in order to suggest a similarity
Usage:  Developed languages use metaphors to drive more colour into expression defining persons or things by their nature rather than literally.


Definition:  spending a lot more money, or using a lot more of something, than you can afford or than is necessary
2) costing a lot more money than you can afford or than is necessary
3) very extreme or impressive but not reasonable or practical
Usage:  Her extravagant spending has to stop.


Definition:  to stop having something, especially when this happens unwillingly
Usage: She was forced to relinquish control of the project.


Definition:  to spread out and form branches
Usage: A system of canals was built ramifying throughout the country.


Definition:  fond of having heated arguments.
Usage : The disputatious class had a brawl over little things during school


Definition:  Not sanctioned by custom or law; unlawful.
Usage:  She had an illicit affair with her boss.


Definition:  very cold
2) not showing any feelings of friendship or kindness
3)not able to enjoy sex
Usage:  The water was too frigid to allow him to remain submerged.


Definition: belonging to a particular place rather than coming to it from somewhere else
Usage : The kangaroo is indigenous to Australia


Definition:  pale, especially because of illness
2) not strong or bright, and therefore not attractive
Usage: A pallid man who looked as though he'd never seen the sun


Definition:  the fact of being related in a family
2) a feeling of being close to someone because you have similar origins or attitudes
Usage:  Feelings of kinship between the team's players and their fans


Definition:  The characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its attitudes and aspirations
Usage: The company made environmental awareness part of its business


Definition:  to express sorrow, regret, or unhappiness about something
Usage:  She lamented over the loss of her best friend.


Definition:  to become or make something greater, worse, more serious, etc.
Usage:  Due to their bellicose stand the seemingly minor misunderstanding between the two rival nations has escalated into a major issue.


Definition:  1) not willing to accept ideas or ways of behaving that are
different from your own
2) not able to eat particular foods, use particular medicines, etc.
Usage:  Babies who are intolerant to cows' milk
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