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Vocabulary Bites (Part - 33) : Learn New Words Quickly

Published on Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Definition:  to eat all of something quickly, especially because you are very hungry
Usage:  He devoured 17 novels during his tour of India.


Definition: willing to consider new ideas or listen to someone else's opinions
Usage: They say the human brain is at its most receptive when it is young.


Definition:  to give a spoken description of an event as it happens, especially on television or radio
Usage : He will be commentating on tomorrow night's game


Definition:  Natural attraction or feeling of kinship
Usage:  Her affinity for animals was well known and no one was surprised when she decided to become a veterinary doctor


Definition:  showing a lack of respect for God and religion
Usage : The man's impious remark was offensive to the people in the room that were Christians.


Definition:  an extremely strong feeling of happiness and excitement that usually lasts only a short time
Usage:  She was in a state of euphoria on her wedding day.


Definition:  having a lively, attractive personality
Usage:   At the wedding reception there was an abundance of alcohol and hours of vivacious dancing


Definition:  one of the four pointed teeth in the front of a human's or animal's mouth
2) A dog
Usage : The canine family includes dogs wolves coyotes and foxes.


Definition:  an organized trip with a particular purpose, especially to find out about a place that is not well known
2) a short trip that you make when you want or need something
Usage:  A scientific expedition to Antarctica


Definition: to take someone away illegally, especially using force
Usage:  The kidnappers abducted her in broad daylight.


Definition:  to promise to do something; to promise something will happen
Usage : We guarantee to refund your money if you are not delighted with your purchase.


Definition:  kind and gentle
Usage:  His actions were benign he posed no threat to anyone.


Definition:  1) the destruction of the world
2) the end of the world, as described in the Bible
3) a situation causing very serious damage and destruction
Usage : We live in the shadow of the apocalypse


Definition:   to lose something or have something taken away from you because you have done something wrong
Usage:  The soccer team had to forfeit the game because their players kept yelling at the referees.


Definition:  a thing that is very complicated and difficult to follow
2) a twist or curve, especially one of many
Usage:  The little girl got lost in the intricate convolution of the maze.
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