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Vocabulary Bites (Part - 34) : Learn New Words Quickly

Published on Thursday, April 28, 2016


Definition:  to understand the meaning of a word, a sentence, or an action in a particular way
Usage:  It is better to be upfront and clear in one's communication lest the listeners construe something that was never meant


Definition:  to officially state that someone is not responsible for something that they have been blamed for
Usage The defense attorney searched for evidence to exonerate his client.


Definition:  1) feelings of anger and hatred that may result in threatening or violent behavior
2) a violent attack or threats by one person against another person or by one country against another country
Usage : The monkey showed lots of aggression toward its trainer.


Definition:  a Christian prayer of blessing
Usage:  The minister pronounced the benediction.


Definition:  the state of being in hell; the act of sending someone to hell
Usage : She had a healthy fear of hell fire and eternal damnation.


Definition:  a small accident or piece of bad luck that does not have serious results
Usage : Who'd think such a small mishap could cause such a large dilemma.


Definition:  that can stick to something
Usage:  Cover the cut with an adhesive bandage.


Definition:   showing that you are feeling confident and pleased with yourself
Usage : With jaunty steps they headed down the path to the picnic spot


Definition:  a person who holds religious beliefs that are not part of any of the world's main religions | used in the past by Christians to describe a person who did not believe in Christianity
Usage:  The Pagans religion is mixed with the Catholic religion.


Definition:   an army officer who does office work and helps other officers
Usage:  The way Tom dashed to the side of the General at the slightest gesture it was clear Tom was an adjutant to the General.


Definition:  a person's particular way of behaving, thinking, etc., especially when it is unusual
Usage:  Her habit of using "like" in every sentence was just one of her idiosyncrasies.


Definition:  extremely frightened
Usage:  When the ghost suddenly appeared he was petrified.


Definition:   1) a situation seen as a whole
2) a strong, heavy, rough material used for making tents, sails, etc. and by artists for painting on
3) a piece of canvas used for painting on; a painting done on a piece of canvas, using oil paints
Usage:  The museum has several canvases by Rubens.


Definition:  showing a critical attitude toward someone
Usage:  Fans made a steady stream of derogatory remarks about the players on the visiting team


Definition:  knowledge or understanding of something
Usage:  He is cognizant of his duties as a father.

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