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Banking Awareness Quiz - 20 Important Questions for SBI PO

Published on Sunday, May 15, 2016
1. What is ECBs?
a. External Commercial Borrowings
b. Existing Commercial Banks
c. External Commercial Banks
d. Exclusive Commercial Borrowings

2. ALM stands for:
a. Asset Liasoning Management
b. Asset Level Management
c. Asset Liability management
d. Assertive Legal Management

3. National Housing Bank (NHB) was established in:
a. 1988
b. 1989
c. 1991
d. 1998

4. In India, The bank NABARD does not provide refinance to:
a. Scheduled Commercial BAnks
b. Regional Rural Banks
c. Export-Import BAnks
d. State Land Development Banks

5. Which of the following is Not a development bank in Indian Context?
d. SBI

6. Which of the following called a 'banker's cheque'?
a. Demand draft
b. Debit card
c. Pay order
d. Fixed deposit

7. Bouncing of cheques may lead to________.
a.  6 months imprisonment
b. 1 year imprisonment
c. 2  year imprisonment
d. 3  year imprisonment

8. The main function of the Exim Bank is:
a. to help RBI in the regulation of foreign exchange
b. to prevent unlicensed transaction
c. to promote exports and curtail imports
d. to conserve foreign exchange

9. Open market operations of a Central Bank are sale and purchase of:
a. foreign currencies
b. corporate securities
c. trade bills
d. government securities

10. To prevent recurrence of scams in Indian Capital Market, the Government has assigned regulatory powers to:
a. RBI
b. SBI

11. The Reserve bank of India was set up under the recommendation of which of the following commissions?
a. Phillip Commission
b. Simon Commission
c. Hilton Young Commission
d. Hunter Commission

12. Which of the following is now a punishable offence by a bank Account holder?
a. If a cheque is not crossed
b. If a post-dated cheque is issued
c. if a cheque drawn by him is dishonoured for insufficiency of funds in his account
d.  Issuing a cheque without signature

13. Which of the following are the functions of the Central Bank of India?
a. Regulation of Currency and flow of credit system
b. Maintaining exchange value of rupee
c. Formulating monetary policy of India
d. Supervisory powers over the indigenous bankers and leasing companies

14. Which bank in India gets the first ISO certification?
a. Syndicate Bank
b. Canara Bank
c. Indian bank
d. State bank of India

15. Which of the following organisations provide credit history of the borrowers?
a. RBI

16. A crossed cheque is one, which can be encashed only:
 a. By the drawee
b. through a bank
c. at the State Bank of India
d. after is has been transferred to another person


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