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Blood Relation Test for SBI PO Exam

Blood Relation
1. A is D's brother is B's father. B and C are sisters. How is C related to A?
a. Cousin
b. Niece
c. Aunt
d. Nephew

2. If X is the brother of the son Y's son., then how is X related to Y?
a. Son
b. Brother
c. Nephew
d. Grandson

3. Pointing towards a girl in the picture, Sunita said, "She is the mother of Renu whose father is my son." How Sunita is related to that girl in the picture?
a. Mother
b. Aunt
c. Cousin
d. Data inadequate
e. None of the above

4. A man said to a woman, "Your only brother's son is my wife's brother." How is hte woman related to the man's wife?
a. Aunt
b. Sister
c. Mother
d. None of these

5. A and B form a married couple. X and Y are the brothers. X is the brother of A. How is Y related to B?
a. Brother
b. Cousin
c. Son-in-law
d. Brother-in-law

6. A and B both are children of C. If C is the mother of A, A is the son of C but B is not the daughter of C, then how are A and B mutually related?
a. A is the brother of B
b. A is the nephew of B
c. A is the sister of B
d. A is the cousin of B

7. A, B and C are sisters. D is the brother of E and E is the daughter of B. How is A related to D?
a. Sister
b. Aunt
c. Niece
d. Cousin

8. A husband and wife had five married sons and each of these had four children. How many members are there in the family?
a. 50
b. 40
c. 32
d. 36

9. Satish is the son of my father's sister's brother's wife's daughter's grandchild. What is the closest relationship to me that Satish could have?
a. Son
b. Cousin
c. Nephew
d. Father

(A) K is the brother of J.
(B) m is the sister of K. 
(C) P is the brother of N. 
(D) N is the daughter of J.
(E) S is the father of M. 
Who is the uncle of P?
a. M
b. K
c. N
d. S
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