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Cloze Test Set - (For SBI Clerk Exam)

Published on Wednesday, May 04, 2016
cloze test
The Naxal problem in India is basically socio-economic in (1). The main reason (2) the naxal movement in India are the (3) of peasants and their weak social and economic position. (4) of the
peasants are landless labourers whose lands have been (5) occupied by the landlords. Moreover, the landlords give (6) wages to the peasants. Their (7) suffering at the hands of the landlords thus encourage many peasants to take law (8) their own hands . Due to their poor economic condition the peasants easily (9) the trap of the naxal leaders who have their (10) interests. Illeteracy, unemployment, police exercises, corruption and  (11) administration further (12) this complex problem.

a. form
b. shape
c. behaviour
d. nature

a. for
b. of
c. in
d. behind

a. complaisance
b. exploitation
c. domination
d. exultation

a. many
b. much
c. most
d. all

a. imperiously
b. imperatively
c. forcefully
d. forcibly

a. improper
b. small
c. inadequate
d. insufficient

a. long
b. brutal
c. pathetic
d. great

a. in
b. into
c. on
d. by

a. fall into
b. fall in
c. fell in
d. fell into

a. selfish
b. vested
c. vicious
d. vindictive

a. failed
b. improper
c. inefficient
d. bureaucratic

a. heighten
b. deepen
c. add
d. worsen

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