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Fill in the blank: Important Set for SBI Clerk Exam

Published on Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Check the correct grammatical form.

1. Send in ________ is waiting
a. whoever
b. whomever
c. that 
d. which

2. They _______ the horse thief.
a. hanged
b. hung
c. hang
d. hunged

3. We _____ at home as long as we could.
a. stay
b. stayed
c. stood
d. relaxed

4. You should ______ cooked the stew much longer; it's still quite tough.
a. of
b. have
c. be
d. no word needed

5. Although martin is a student of world problems. Alice is totally ______ in foreign affairs.
a. uninterested
b. disinterested
c. indifferent 
d. unattached

6. Let us ________ our lives to serving our country.
a. dedicate
b. abdicate
c. obliterate
d. vindicate

7. The rough edged of sarcasm are apt to _______ the feeling of a sensitive person.
a. instigate
b. stimulate
c. lacerate
d. decimate

8. His moral attitude towards gambling was one of deep _____.
a. antipathy
b. sympathy
c. mendacity
d. felicity

9. His orders were busy, insistent, disciplinary ones so characteristic of a _____.
a. tyrant
b. martinet
c. chauvinist
d. philistine

10. In democracies, we believe that we have an/a ______ right to freedom of speech.
a. lucrative
b. furtive
c. stringent
d. indefeasible
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