General Awareness Quiz - Set 1

1. Shatabdi Express train was started in–
a) 1984
b) 1988
c) 1990
d) 1985 

2. What is the maximum limit of sound intensity in decibel units beyond which a human being cannot hear?
a) 80 decibel
b) 85 decibel
c) 90 decibel
d) 95 decibel 

3. Which Zone is the largest in Indian Railways?
a) Central Railway
b) Northern Railway
c) Eastern Railway
d)Western Railway 

4. Who proposed the ‘Wave Theory’ of light?
a) Huygens
b) Albert Einstein
c) Isaac Newton
d) Thomas Edison 

5. The National Capital of Republic of Iraq is–
a) Medina
b) Al Bahah
c) Baghdad
d) Jeddah 

6. The headquarters of the "United Nations Environment Programme" (UNEP) are situated in–
a) New York City, USA
b) Washington DC, USA
c) Geneva, Switzerland
d) Nairobi, Kenya 

7. Which of the following countries tops World’s Global Prosperity Index 2015?
a) Norway
b) Sweden
c) Finland
d) Singapore 

8. Who is the author of the book ‘We Indians’?
a) Salman Rushdie
b) Khushwant Singh
c) Ram Jethmalani
d) Atal Bihari Vajpayee 

9. Which Indian island has been named after former president of India APJ Abdul Kalam in September 2015?
a) Wheeler
b) Srihari Kota
c) Bhavani
d) Barren Island 

10. The 2016 European Football Championship Euro 2016" is scheduled to take place from June 10 to July 2016 in–
a) Italy
b) Scotland
c) France
d) Denmark 


1. b) 1988
2. b) 85 decibel
3. b) Northern Railway
4. a) Huygens
5. c) Baghdad
6. d) Nairobi, Kenya
7. d) Singapore
8. b) Khushwant Singh
9. a) Wheeler
10. c) France


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