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General Awareness Quiz - Set 2

Published on Saturday, May 07, 2016
1. Bertrand Russel was famous as a
a) mathematician and a philosopher
b) campaigner against nuclear weapons

c) winner of the Noble Prize for Literature
d) He was all four

2. The second man to step onto the moon in 1969 was
a) Charles Conrad
b) Edwin Aldrin
c) Jim Lovell
d) Vivian Fuchs

3. The artificial kidney operates on the principle of
a) dialysis
b) diffusion
c) osmosis
d) active transport

4. Which among the following diseases, is not caused by viral infection?
a) pneumonia
b) small pox
c) mumps
d) active transport

5. River Chenab was known is ancient times as
a) Parushni
b) Satudri
c) Himadri
d) Asikru

6. The first modern warship built in India in 1952 was
a) INS Goa
b) INS Nilgiri
c) INS Kailash
d) INS Vikram

7. Which one of the following breeds of sheep has been imported to increase wool production in India?
a) Chokla
b) Magra
c) Bellary
d) Merino

8. According to Ancient Indian legendary sources, Surabhi was a/an
a) wish-fulfilling tree
b) treasure in the form of a caw, churned from the cosmic ocean
c) medicine prepared by Dhanvantri
d) intoxicating drink consumed during religious ceremonies in ancient times

9. Which of these is a perceptual disorder?
a) Hallucination
b) Delusion
c) Confabulation
d) Dream

10. Shifting agriculture is most commonly practised in
a) forests
b) deserts
c) grasslands
d) plain areas


1. d) He was all four
2. b) Edwin Aldrin
3. a) dialysis
4. a) pneumonia
5. d) Asikru
6. b) INS Nilgiri
7. d) Merino
8. b) treasure in the form of a caw, churned from the cosmic ocean
9. a) Hallucination
10. a) forests


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