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General Awareness Quiz - Set 3

Published on Sunday, May 08, 2016
1. Physico-chemical characteristics of water in water sources undergo changes due to
a) aquatic macrophytes
b) aquatic fungi
c) effluents
d) evapotranspiration 

2. During dehydration, the substance that is usually lost by the human body is
a) suger
b) sodium chloride
c) potassium chloride
d) iodine 

3. Who, among the following leaders, did not believe in the drain theory of Dadabhai Naoroji?
a) Sir Harilal M. Kania
b) Sir S. Varadachari
c) M. Patanjali Sastri
d) Sir Maurice Gwyer 

4. Fat present below the skin surface in our Body acts as a barrier against
a) loss of heat from the body
b) loss of essential body fluids
c) loss of salts from the body
d) entry of harmful micro-organisms from the environment 

5. Raindrops assume a spherical shape because of
a) adhesion
b) surface tension
c) gravitational force
d) atmospheric pressure from all sides 

6. What contributed most to Clive’s victory over Siraj-ud-daulah at the Battle of Plassey?
a) Death of Mir Madan
b) Bravery of Clive
c) Treachery of Mir Jafar
d) Military skill of Kil-trick 

7. Haemoglobin is dissolved in the plasma of
a) frog
b) fish
c) man
d) earthworm 

8. Lady Tata Memorial Awards are given for research in
a) Leukaemia
b) Biodiversity
c) Tuberculosis
d) Environmental Protection 

9. Which of the following is the headquarters of UNEP(United Nations Environment Programme)?
a) The Hague
b) New York
c) Nairobi
d) Vienna 

10. A narrow passage of water that connects two large bodies of water is known as
a) Bay
b) Isthmus
c) Strait
d) Archipelag 


1. a) aquatic macrophytes
2. b) sodium chloride
3. a) Sir Harilal M. Kania
4. a) loss of heat from the body
5. b) surface tension
6. c) Treachery of Mir Jafar
7. d) earthworm
8. a) Leukaemia
9. c) Nairobi
10. c) Strait

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