General Awareness Quiz - Set 9

1. India's oldest football tournament is
a) Rovers Cup
b) Durand Cup
c) Federation Cup
d) Santosh Trophy

2. India's oldest hockey tournament is
a) Rangaswamy Trophy
b) Lady Ratan Tata Trophy
c) Beighton Cup
d) None of these

3. Which one of the UN agencies existed prior to the establishment of the UNO?
a) WHO
b) ILO

4. The atomic bombs that US dropped on Japan were called
a) Ike, Ile
b) Sam, John
c) Fury, Thunder
d) Fat man, Little boy

5. 'Panchseel' is associated with
a) Yalta Conference
b) Tashkent Meeting
c) Camp Davis Agreement
d) Bandung Conference

6. The Name UNO was suggested by
a) Winston Churchill
b) Josef Stalin
c) Charles de Gaulle
d) Franklin D Roosevelt

7. Who said, “The Child is father of the Man”?
a) Keats
b) Shelley
c) Wordsworth
d) Chaucer

8. Of the following with whom is the ‘ Tower of Silence’ associated?
a) Syrian Christians
b) Namdharis
c) Jains
d) Parsis

9. From which of the following has ‘Satyameva Jayate’ been taken?
a) Rig Veda
b) Atharva Veda
c) Mundaka Upanishad
d) Mahabharata

10. What is the name given to the indigenously-developed multi-barrel rocket system?
a) Trishul
b) Agni
c) Pinaka
d) Arjun


1. b) Durand Cup
2. c) Beighton Cup
3. b) ILO
4. d) Fat man, Little boy
5. d) Bandung Conference
6. d) Franklin D Roosevelt
7. c) Wordsworth
8. d) Parsis
9.  c) Mundaka Upanishad
10. c) Pinaka


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